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    Two things first:

    I met this girl online a few weeks ago that has the same name and spelling as mine and she's really cool and funny and very savage XD

    I'm not going to deactivate but instead log out or something cause I haven't been on here much and a lot has been going on in my mind lately that I just keep to myself so what I'm saying is I'm leaving. I think I've said this a few times but this time I'm very serious and what made me come back was the thought of you wonderful people here but that can't happen now so that's why I'll be leaving.

    I've always had an uncomfortable urge to just run away and leave everything behind but I'm just afraid to actually do it. Once I'm gone I'm not coming back. Some say holding is what makes you strong, but sometimes it takes much more strength to just let go and move on. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid its time for goodbye again. I close my eyes and dream of a time when I wasn’t all alone. But I'm grateful. Grateful for the people that I made my year here. Such as @[teen idle] (you were always there for me, you understood, listened, cared and made me laugh throughout the most toughest and terrible times, i'd say that i can call you one of my most favorite people on here, i'd always try and make an effort to talk to you cause you were just so admirable and understanding, caring and wonderful yet beautiful and amazing, ilysm bella and i'll miss you so so much <3 Thank you so much for being the one person I could talk to. Thank you for never leaving my side through the tough and ugly times. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for being understanding. Thank you for being patient, kind, friendly. Thank you for accepting me for who I was, and looking on the inside, not the outside. But most of all…thank you for loving me- like no one else ever has, or ever will), @[Psycho ��] (you're my twin, we have a lot in common and whatever it is that you keep going to through, it gets better, you'll be okay, i hope people accept you for what you are because i have and always will) @[Beautifully Hemmings] (even though you haven't been on here much, you're the kindest and most generous person i know and a great ambassador) @[Beautifully In Love] (speaking the truth here when i say this but, omg you're the BEST author here, no offence to anyone else but for me its true. Everytime when i used to be active, i'd always make sure to read you're mumbles and comment and like them no matter what the situation is and always make sure to read every single one of your movellas and like them, comment or fave it. But you're also a very kind and most thoughtful person, i'll definitely miss you) @[euphoria.] (you're another person who cares and look out for people and always make sure they're okay and ily for that. I wish i got to know more about you cause you're amazing and fantastic in your own way) @[Cāngkù Shísān] (i don't know but i just like to call you fishy :) and you're just being all funny and stuff with your great personality and perfectionist. you're such an amazing person overall though) @[Evan R.J] (i don't know much about you but from my experience your extremely funny and cool and somehow you've got some really good taste in music i'll give you that) @[Black China] ( one word. Slay. just slay and do you cause you're a huge inspiration to me and i remembered this last time we had an argument but its all in the pass and you just say whatever that comes to your mind and you bring feeling to my life. Thank you for you're kind words) and @[khaimia] ( lol my main! i see you almost everyday in school and yeah you're like my best friend. keep being savage and do you. note: you will get the ricky's XD )

    So I think that's it and all the people I could think of. Anyone else that I may seem to leave out, I'll miss you and yeah have an amazing journey towards life. Movellas is and will always be my family :) bye
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    Ily Thymka. It saddens me that you're not very happy, but I'm glad that there were people here on movellas that were able to make you feel better, and that I was one of them. I hope that whatever you do in life, you will succeed. And that you will find happiness and joy, and that your feeling of loneliness goes away. I'm sorry you have chosen to leave, you will be missed. Goodbye ♡
    3 years ago
    :( Bye Thymka Imy
    3 years ago
    goodbye :( imy
    teen idle
    3 years ago
    aww Thmyka. i'll really miss you. i'm so sorry you're not happy, you were one of the first people who were my friend on this site. you're loved very much, and i feel awful that you're leaving. i'll always care about you, and thank you for being there for me. i love you so much, as much as other people do. i hope you'll do better, and stay strong. <3
    Nerdy Cinderella
    THYMKA!! Im going to cry all night, good bye is not always forever, come back soon, keep in touch ilysm!! ����
    Beautifully Music Nerd
    Aw! You're leaving? I'll miss you. I would be asking for you to stay but I know that won't make a difference. :(
    Black China
    3 years ago
    Thmyka :'( I know I haven't been on much, but I just wish you the best on your endeavors in life. Stay focused on school. Remember to never let anyone steal your freedom of a choice and always, always, make your feelings known if need be.