• OlgaGOA

    mumbled "I'm totally disappointed in Movellas Rules! I don't want to post anymore!"

    4 years agoReply
    You know, guys, you see how sometimes Movellas don't give any writer to move on, specially if it's a writer not from USA or Canada. I'm totally disappointed and don't want to post anymore on Movellas. I rated my story as R-RATED and don't understand why it was deleted!
    Shame on you, Movellas!
    Angélique Lhotellier
    Not why they took your story? I am so sorry for you hun ! hugs and kisses from France <3
    4 years ago
    @[Angélique Lhotellier] I also don't know, hon. Ask Movellas about this awful behaviour. To hell with it!
    Thanks for support, hon and love!
    Angélique Lhotellier
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    It's disappointing for you and write your book which was fine. I struggle to understand. Worse than your behavior honestly. Good to know for not writing more book or Novella ! PFFF !!! Novellas
    4 years ago
    @[Angélique Lhotellier] Yes, dear. I hate hypocrite ppl and don't understand this. MOVELLAS HAS TO BE FOR ALL and I SEE IT'S NOT. AWFUL!
    9 months ago
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