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    Friday, a kid in my schooled was hit by a car and killed. I never knew him, only saw him in the halls, smiling, laughing. Yesterday we had a moment of silence for him, dead silence. His parents kicked him out for doing drugs, he was on a dark road skateboarding. The driver didn't see him.
    I never knew him but just watching everyone wear red to support him. Watching the whole school walk through town like a red wave to the wake. Today the school is nearly empty. The school had allowed people to ditch to go to the funeral. Knowing that he looked so forward to the future. The fact anyone can just disappear from life, I just ask for you for you all to never wait, to live life like it's your last day, to love them while they are here.
    3 years ago
    I agree. life is short. don't do things people will want you to do, but do what you want to do. you don't have to make anything out of it, but have fun and be content. people will eventually leave. you will eventually leave this world, so make what you have with this life as you can, because this is your only chance