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    mumbled "i guess this is it????"

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    I keep coming back to this website, idk maybe its the nostalgia. I joined this website in some of my cringiest most darkest years and I don't want to go back to them. This is ironic. I joined this website and I would write on my mums work laptop because I didn't have my own. Id have to sneak it away from her and id go on it all the time. I then got my own and discovered new fandoms and suddenly movellas wasn't my home anymore. I felt like i didn't fit in. Right now my laptop is being a dick so I'm writing this goodbye message on my mums laptop. The same one I joined on. I won't be deleting my account because I just can't do it, no matter how much i think about doing it. I may come back every now and then if i come up with a story idea and must right it. or if i want to just check in and re-live old memories. i havent checked my spelling in this message and im typing fast so sorry for any mistakes. This is really just my goodbye. Thank you for the last few years and to all the people ive been friends with thank you to them too. I joined this website when I was 11? im now 15. thats pretty cool. Im gonna be online for a while as i scroll through old messages so talk to me if you want it would be nice to say hi or really goodbye.
    i love you all <3
    a special thanks to @[3 SECOND LUKE] you've been through everything with me and ily x
    for maybe a final time
    - Sarah