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  • May Hayashi

    mumbled "This song means so much to me"

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    Get Better by Frank Turner came at the perfect time for me.
    I was on the edge, I knew I needed to change to be happy, but I didn't believe I could.
    I could see two futures, one was easy and the other was terrifying - but the easy route was shorter.
    I had no self-belief, no expectations, no goal.
    The lyrics of this song spoke to me like nothing before it.
    And now, here I am.
    I'm going to the university I dreamed of
    I have a plan for my future
    I've changed my name and appearance
    I've become a girl
    And not only that
    I am a HAPPY girl
    Of course - the road doesn't end here
    I'm not perfect,
    but I can still get better
    I will KEEP getting better
    Because I'm not dead yet.