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    So I'm still having money problems (the proposal for my next possible interning gig is STILL on the table), and I'm thinking of starting a Patreon. I'm not exactly an artist, but I was thinking of making one for my cover store? Can I do that? Would that be something I can get patrons for? I would have like... tutorials for higher pledging patrons and icon requests and stuff for lower paying patrons and maybe streams and things to show people how I make covers but IDK if this is even realistic.
    2 years ago
    That can be done! I think you should, the people in this community are nice enough that you may receive a few donations. Having a patreon is also a big step towards making it a career rather than a hobby also :)
    It's definitely worth a try. The worst thing that can happen is you gaining some experience. :)
    2 years ago
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    @[Fueled_By_Pepsi] @[NightshadeCreepypasa] True, I might as well give it a shot