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    So I grew up to a mix of my parents’ tunes of Duran Duran, The Jam, and Queen, and artists such as Avril Lavigne, P!nk, and Marina and the Diamonds, and I’ve only just gotten into Avril and Pink, and uh... why did my parents let me listen to this? Like there’s so much swearing, seven year old me didn’t even realise those words at the time I think, and I’m like... yowzas. Anyway, if anyone actually wanted to be privy to my random and unwarranted thoughts about 2000s music, there you have it.

    (Also I don’t care what anyone says, Queen and that are great and all, but the music of the noughties will always be the best music, and I will fight mostly anyone who says otherwise. I say mostly bc I still love Queen more than my own self, and musical and disney movie songs CANNOT be beaten.)

    Also as another note bc I can’t keep my thoughts organised and me essentially just spilling all my shite into this mumble, anyone else doing Camp NaNo? Because I just wrote like 3k of a death scene and I NEED COMFORTING PLEASE. Also, making maps is really fun, even though there a million other things i should be doing rn (ie. studying for my Highers). Oh well.