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    A few days ago, I began working with someone I met online (not on this site) in a sort of "editing exchange." They would edit Southern Falls for me and I would edit one of their novels. We both discussed the terms over email, and eventually decided to start with the basic stuff--grammar, spelling, etc.-- and that was it. they contacted me the next day, saying they'd become invested in the story and did much more than what I'd asked. I checked it out. There was over 300 edits to the first chapter alone. A few were mistakes, but mos was just stuff like replacing words with synonyms or simplifying what I'd thought were well-written phrases.

    so that's why I need some honesty. Not some fake "oh yes you're brilliant". I need the truth. Am I a bad writer? They told me my story was alright, but needed work in order to be excellent. So, is it true? Do I need someone else's help in order to be a good writer?

    I want the truth.

    5 months ago
    I don't think you're a bad writer. I've read a few of your books, and though you have some errors, they're not terrible. A writer is supposed to have errors. Something that I use that helps with like punctuation and grammar and all that, is I use Grammarly. It's really helpful. It's free so if you're using a laptop, you should download it and it works really well. To me, it almost sounds like whoever is editing your story, is basically changing the whole thing. And I'm not hating on the person if you think they're really helpful, but I don't think your story needs to go to that extent in order to be excellent.
    The Bullied Lesbian
    I love your stories, and you are an excellent writer, so don't let some dipshit on the internet tell you otherwise. Hell, if I had a fucking penny every time I made a mistake in a book I wrote, I would be filthy rich by now. And, yes, you make some mistakes in your books, but who cares? It's not like you can't understand it. So if someone is screwing up your beautiful work, then tell them to piss off because I'd rather read something with two punctuation errors in it than read something that doesn't sound like it's your masterpieces. You are great, so don't let some cheap bitch tell you you're not! (Excuse my profanity)
    5 months ago
    I have not read any of your stories (but I absolutely will go do that!) but think that it's important to realize that sometimes style differences just exist. I know a lot of people would not want to write in the style that I do and I would not want to write in the style that others do. It doesn't make any of us "bad" writers, just different ones. Although, this person should maybe not have edited as heavily if it isn't what the two of you agreed to do.
    The Bullied Lesbian
    i agree with @[Kierstinnn]
    Ray Lidstone
    5 months ago
    Thank you guys :)
    Katie Pharoah
    5 months ago
    You've also got to think, everyone has different opinions on what would make a chapter perfect, what you may think as a brilliant phrase someone might think is mediocre. Your opinion matters the most since it is your own work. But working with someone else also warrants some sacrifice on occasion and maybe looking and seeing if their idea can work with yours or if it sounds better. Do what you feel is best, your work is far from bad and that's the wonder of Movellas, to improve as writers :)
    Lily Anna
    5 months ago
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    I've read some of your work and I really enjoyed it! :)
    Everyone makes typos, or has weirdly worded sentences now and again so that doesn't mean your a bad writer. All writers make mistakes, a first or second draft isn't always going to be perfect.
    And every single reader might have a different opinion on the writing. Just because one person told you they didn't like this and this, doesn't mean it's actually wrong or that you're a bad writer. That is their opinion and you can choose whether you want to take it in on board as it is up to you how you want to edit your work and how you want it to be. Constructive criticism can be really helpful for writers and improvement of work but if you don't want to make all the changes they suggested then you don't have to!
    5 months ago
    Your work is good honestly x
    Shaun JH Nightshade
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    We all have different ideas about writing, which is kind of why it's a brilliant vocation. It's why there are so many styles in the authors writing. The most important thing, to me anyway, is that writing makes you happy. Ideas are more important at the 'ink face' than grammar and spelling. This can be rectified at the editing stage, but the ideas must be solid. From what I've read of your work, the ideas are strong. We must remember that we're not doing an English essay but writing a work of entertainment.