• PoppyFieldHorrors

    mumbled "Would you rather (Plot edition!)"

    So I have several ideas about what I would like to write about, but I thought what better way to get into the community than by asking what you would like to read about!

    -Post apocalyptic world where the biggest danger is not other people, but rather the sirens of the deep oceans that love to lure humans into their watery deaths.
    -Three races of vampires exist in the world alongside humans, each with their own abilities and needs. A killer on the loose and the discovery of a forgotten family means the end of a centuries long war, or perhaps the re-ignition of it.
    -Reapers were made to take care of the sick, the dying. But a rouge could mean the end of an uneasy alliance between humans and them, but sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. Or a rouge with a rouge.