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    mumbled "Movellas has gotten quite..."

    Idk.. Boring? Quiet? I used to feel like i belonged in this community, now i feel out of place. Did i quite writing? Hell no, I'm still writing. But i never come here to write anymore... I used to have a lot of people to see when I came here, but all those people either fell quiet, disappeared or just dont remember me no more. So I do what I do when people don't remember, I fade :))
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    People probably have to do their stuff and they maybe are busy.
    And I remember you.
    Mister Tea
    3 months ago
    For me the past year it has seemed like the site is not dying exactly but it has hit a low point, certainly it feels to me as if this is the lowest since I joined.

    The community feeling that existed has almost dried up and I don't know the whole story but I've heard of behind the scenes upheaval that has likely contributed to it, yes they still put out movellas blogs and competitions but the user blog section has been allowed to fall prey to spammers and things like the ambassador programme have seemingly gone away.

    Still whatever is going on behind the scenes I feel like there has been a drastic reduction in the number of users, movellians.

    I wonder if a lot of that can be contributed to age people who signed up when they were younger having now reached the age where they're finishing school and going to college/university or starting jobs so they don't have the time anymore.

    Some may think they're too old for this site and maybe one like wattpad is a better fit for where they and their writing belong.

    I suppose it's up to us to carry it on and we simply aren't doing that, I know I'm not. I'm guilty of having gone long periods without logging in and I have definitely fallen behind in reading others works, stuff I've liked and favourited, I feel especially bad about not reading new chapters and stories from people I follow. I don't mumble often and have given up on the user bolgs I started, not because of that section being abandoned but because the ones I did write got next to no views.

    While I still write my desire to be on every day, my happiness at being on here is less than it was and my need to get home and log in that I had for years is pretty much gone. Maybe and this could be a cop out, but maybe it's not up to us to bring the sight back to what it once was, maybe it needs a whole new wave of younger writers to find this place and resurrect it.

    Maybe the truth is it can't be saved and this site will sadly continue to fade away and ultimately be deleted permanently, I hope not but I really don't know what to do to save it and even if I did would I even want to do it.
    3 months ago
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    I've been a member of Movellas for seven years, and most of my online friends here have since quit. This is my first time logging back on in awhile myself.

    We can't exactly bring back our old friends who have moved on - perhaps it's just an opportunity to find new friends and create a new community :)
    3 months ago
    I remember you I don’t go online that much I use the app more even if it is a little buggy and they are spammers here as well
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
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    Movellas is kind of on that operating table, it's fading, dying and drastically needs an urgent shock from a defibrillator before the pulse goes. Good stories are hard to find, new members drift away because of lack of feedback and a feeling of not belonging. I wish it would be like the old days but the only thing we can do is try to cling on and help the site recover. That or leave and I'm no rat ;)

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    SilverLightning ✦
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    Wish it was like the good old days, but I don't see anything happening that could make this place awesome again. Maybe the old movellas website was better and easier to connect with the community, I barely remember it, but I loved logging in, nowadays I do it as a "oh hey this website exists, lets see whats new" and I come in, and there's literally nothing to see. Now I visit the mumbles page to see whats up, and there's nothing but the same old. Maybe I can do something about it, maybe I can't, maybe I don't want to..
    3 months ago
    We can always tell more people about Movellas I wish I had friends irl maybe then I can tell him
    3 months ago
    I meant *them*
    Mercury Chap
    3 months ago
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    I understand this feeling. It used to be so lively when I joined it five years back (just realised it's been so long, seems like yesterday) and now it's just dying. Wish it could be the same again but none of us can guarantee it... Life is weird
    Sapphire Silver Moon
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    I feel that. In middle school I made so many friends on here my age and I wish I could meet them in real life. I use to use this site as a form of social media basically. I made so many friends, this site is so much more than just a site to write books.
    This site is honestly a hidden gem of the internet.
    Everyone, let’s celebrate the good times we had on here. Movellas meant so much to a good handful of people.
    I’m honestly sad I lost a lot of good friends on here because I left. I really wish I could have kept in contact.