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    mumbled "Arranged Marriage Official Chapter 1"

    The villagers knew of me. I was out and about and would run in the fields of daylight. Sing to the birds of the rain. Be chased by the men of power hungry thoughts. Those that work day and night who did also commit secret crimes. I caused trouble for them and they would always be after me.

    "When she is sixteen or seventeen they are planning it in a year or two. I don't even know her, and I want to marry for someone I actually like. Someone I know, wouldn't you want to?" He explains his opinion

    "I'm not sure, but we are both arranged. It would be best to follow what our parents planned." I say
    Arranged MarriageI was told sense I was young I was to be married at the age of 17. I was to be married to the youngest Noble of the age 19 in the Eldon Lands. Then I...
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    It takes place in old time period where they married young