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    When I first spoke to you, I knew that we’d have something. The day you told me you had feelings for me...was the happiest I’ve been in awhile. From then on you became my reason for being who I am, the reason I woke up every day, the reason I lost sleep because I didn’t want to loose anytime talking to you, and the reason I’m alive. I went through so many hard times, some you knew and others I kept buried down deep afraid they’d scare you away. We had our struggles and our fights, most of which were my fault. I’d been broken before and I was terrified you’d break me again.

    But know that I’ve lost you, all I can think about is how much i miss you and how much I want you back.
    I can’t bare think about how much I need you back in my life.
    Every time I do I feel pathetic, because I know you don’t want me back.
    All the memories make me want to smile and cry my heart out at the same time.
    I remember sitting in your car while the rain poured down. And all we did was talk and laugh. It’s one of my favorite memories of us.
    I’ve always hear that first love hurts but I never imagined I’d feel like this. The pain blindsides me constantly, especially when I think I’m getting over it. I know that I’ll never be fully over it.
    All the late night conversations and the good morning and goodnight messages are what I looked forward to. They made me so happy. You constantly reminded me that I’m beautiful even when I didn’t believe it. And you put up with it, but now I know how much it frustrated you.

    Thats a brain dump, about my recent break up. I basically wrote down everything I could in a way it hopefully makes sense.
    4 months ago
    Maybe amino songwriter can help here’s the link