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    So this is a new project I am working on about 4 thousand words in, aiming for six. Basically Carpathian Monarchs and Blood and Darkness are loose adaptions of Dracula. Carpathian Monarchs takes elements from Dracula's arrival in England and Blood and Darkness is more about my version of Dracula's interest in Mina, Seraphina in mine.
    Somehow all that works really well for my lore. Anyways here is a sneak peek of what is to come...

    “Annalise Seares, the beloved daughter of King Alexander and his consort Danika. You were our true queen. Our hearts are heavy with loss. Our minds plagued with the mistake of trusting a traitor’s words over yours,” a male voice said.

    Seraphina startled, lost her balance. Strong arms caught her. She looked up into a pair of dark eyes beneath thick brows. A soft gasp escaped her lips. He was in his early thirties. A handsome face with a hawkish nose. Raven hair. His suit hinted at his lean muscular form.

    “Consort? Danika was his queen,” she retorted.
    He smiled. “My apologies, his queen.” He helped her to her feet. Seraphina felt eyes on her and not just his. She was also pretty sure she heard a camera click. “Nicolaus and you are?”

    “An unusual yet beautiful name.”

    “A lot of people say that.”
    He chuckled. “It doesn’t make it less so.”

    “I have to go.”
    A nod. “Of course.” Nicolaus took her right hand and brought it up to his mouth, brushing a kiss across her knuckles. “Until we meet again.”
    Further down the road, she glanced over her shoulder. He was gone. She rubbed the spot where his lips touched her as an unknown emotion fluttered through her.