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    The ground shook as a giant beast landed, folding its wings. Scales of molten gold covered it from head to tail. Balanced on four powerful legs, each sporting a set of talons. Fear sunk its icy grip into her as its golden eyes focused on her.
    She watched as it shrank. Scales becoming flesh. Muscular legs in beeches, barefoot. A shirt little more than rags on his taunt torso. Gold receding to a ring in his brown eyes.
    “I found you,” the familiar accented voice that once cried out her name.
    “Alexander,” she replied in a mixture of delight, fear and awe. He sought her out. Had scoured the English countryside before turning to its neighbour, Alanland. The scattered cattle suddenly made a lot of sense. Her body went limp.
    Alexander lunged forwards, catching her before she fall. Her soft curves pressed against the hard panes of him felt right. Just as it did that night. A part of him felt guilty. He had intended to appear human but seeing her overwhelmed his rational thinking. He reached out to stroke her cheek.
    The rustling of skirts got his attention. He looked up. A woman of surpassing beauty stood next to an older version of herself. Blond curls, an oval face and brown eyes like Danika.
    Valeria had twisted off the top of her cane, revealing a concealed blade. Which her daughter now held. She grabbed Isabel’s arm, eyes widening.
    “Darkness banished, the Carpathian Dragon!”
    Isabel hesitated, knowing too well of his tale.
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