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    The title basically sums it up. I am moving all my stories to Wattpad. The main reason is my stories are paranormal romances and all that entails and Movellas is a teenage site. I don’t think they suit this website anymore.
    You are welcome to follow me on Wattpad, my username is Phoebe Kells (my new pen name). All of the following will be available soon.
    Carpathian Monarchs (Out now in its revamped entirety)
    Hellish Royalty (revamped and in process)
    Royal Heir
    Hellish Royalty 3
    Blood and Darkness
    The Queen’s Return
    Matriarch of Fire
    Briar Wolf
    We Meet Again
    Wildfire (drafting it now)

    My account will remain on here as an archive, I have some fond memories. Thank you to everyone who has read, commented or liked my stories over the last 7 years on and off.
    Skylar Black /Phoebe Kells