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What up? I'm Kallie but you can call me Yoshi if you want to, most people here do.

I'm crap at updating even thought I'm online for a majority of the day, not doing anything but refreshing the page out of habit, but I'm always up for a chat. Follow to become a drama llama and in return you get occasional rants, unlimited compliments and the rare publishing of chapters for the 40 stories I have published or hidden away in drafts.

No hate here, hunny bunnies. I don't tolerate that shit. Only love, sprinkles, unicorns, friendliness and rainbows will be welcome here so if that's not what you got in your suitcase, pack up your shit and find somewhere else to stay.

Lukish, an inside joke.

Dan Howell, the older, male version of myself.

Slytherin, my house. Hiss hiss.

Sohinkism, because I too am a whiny little bitch when I lose.

Opinions, I have them.

Cheesecake, the best thing that God ever did for the world.

Lit, turn up, af, terms I used ironically that inevitably became a part of my everyday vocabulary.

Here are some random ass quotes that I like.

"Real bands save fans, real fans save bands" - my main man michael g clifford for 500 years of winter

"Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die" - an album by that one sparkly bisexual band frightened? at the birthday party

"Sometimes the nightmares in your head, are really the ones living under your bed" - oh shit, who's shitty quote is this? crap. idk. i wonder who it belongs t-me hoe, it's mine

Japan is a cool country with a cool language so here are some random phrases in Japanese.





Here are all of mah links and accounts to my other sites and social media or whatever that I'm on.

I have like 34 instagram accounts.

Instagram (personal): k.allista (It was literal_zebra0822 for the longest time, like years, and it was the most painful thing ever to change it)

Instagram (twenty one pilots and occasionally the 1975): twenty.fob.discos

Instagram (marvel, dc, and gotham): m.rvel

Instagram (spam account i share with mah rat casey): trashwhxres

Twitter: twentyfobdiscos

Tumblr: kalliefangirlingexpert

Other Tumblr: sebdamnstan

Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/KalliewithanIE

Email: smoshimoshiyoshi@gmail.com


(If you actually read this, post on my wall saying 'HI YOSHI')

  • Fangirling Expert

    mumbled "I haven't mumbled in months"

    I'm avoiding my statistics work by typing this, listening to the Beauty and the Best soundtrack, and complaining about having to go to art next block. (I'm like three weeks behind on like two projects because I don't like deadlines and I'm also a huge mess)

    Anyway, I've seen Beauty and the Beast twice in a week and if I wasn't going to my cousin's tonight I'd probably see it again because I'm obsessed.

    Have you see it yet? What did you guys think of it? I cried XD
    Varis Underwood
    1 years ago
    OMG Statistics work, kill me now, I have 5 past papers to do rn xD
    1 years ago
    Do I want to know what Statistics work is?
    Fangirling Expert
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    @[Erenil] It's the devil's math.
  • Fangirling Expert

    mumbled "Cover for Gabby (2)"

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    @[Beautifully Music Nerd]
    The second cover I made for your cover making contest!
    This one could use a few touch ups but *shrug*
    - Yoshi.
  • Fangirling Expert

    mumbled "Cover for Gabby (1)"

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    @[Beautifully Music Nerd]
    For your cover making contest!
    I actually made two covers (if that's allowed) since I had a little time on my hands and I may even end up making another to procrastinate my homework XD
    Here is the first one!
    - Yoshi.
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