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Her hair was a fiery waterfall of crimson, lit up underneath the moonlight. Her two-toned eyes, emerald and gold, glistened with some unforeseen emotion. She moved her lips; she was singing. Music meant the world to her.

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    This is really good! It’s written in a chatty and realistic style, which makes it a lot easier to read than most fanfics. The expository paragraph is absolutely brilliant, catching the reader’s attention and setting an excellent atmosphere for her rest of the chapter. I look forward to reading more!
    End Up Here
    End Up Here
    Hailey Greene always feels like she's along for the ride in her best friend's story. To her, she's always been Bailey's sidekick. While on one of Bailey's adventures, Hailey meets the illustrious Calum...
    15 hours ago
    Thank you! The comment means a lot to me. :)
    15 hours ago
    No problem :) I’m always mare than happy to give my opinion. (Even when it’s not so positive, lol)
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    mumbled "Improvement "


    My writing today vs. three years ago.
    3 days ago
    Thank you! :)
    Mister Tea
    1 days ago
    Honestly I think it's cool how you can see you've improved.

    Although I do think that line about when Maria finally peeled her eyes open doesn't sound right no matter how many times I read it or say it out loud.

    Every other thing about the second piece of writing is much better than the first.

    Still you don't have to listen me, I may be just a little bit envious, I mean I wish I could point to any old bit of my writing and say I notice that much improvement now compared to three years ago.
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    It is ALWAYS a work in progress ya know... edit and read again and reedit 25 times and it will come to you over that time and be much more improved. It really didn't sound that bad to me.

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    mumbled "Arts "

    I’m bored so I attempted to paint. As a result, please enjoy this very blurry watercolour of Olyxe from Ash and Dust.
    Anne Onymous
    3 days ago
    That's beautiful and subtle. Draw a girl with an umbrella and it's raining
    Squonk of the Nightshade
    Nice style. Love the way it fades. Well painted :)
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    very nice.., i appreciate art too... i do my best work sitting in the art gallery writing on laptop as i stare at a painting and it seems to speak to you... you can interpret paintings in many different ways... even with my notebook and pen i stare at a painting and it gives great inspiration...

    For this one if i was to analyze it... (with no offense @[Anne Onymous] ) A young woman who is in the midst of grieving as she stands over her military spouse. If you put a background it would be better, but still that's what I see from it.

    It is and I see something very solemn from it.

  • Midnight_Souls
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    I really like the cover :)
    Rare Earth Elements
    Rare Earth Element...
    welcome to redview bay, a perfect place. at least, that's what phoebe cray is told. put two divinely tuned enemies together and well...blood and bone is sure to fly.
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