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First, I’m going to get my non-writing interests out of the way so they won’t distract me. I like listening to music, walking through the forest alone, reading in quiet corners, swimming in near-empty pools and running as fast as my legs will carry me.

As for my writing (or reading, for that point) I like to write highly imaginative works, usually either very dark or very unrealistic. I also love big plot twists that nobody sees coming until suddenly it all falls into place. Genre-wise, I like practically all sub genres of sci-fi and fantasy, especially distopias or anything with heaping amounts of magic. I’ve written a few short stories, but my main focus is my novels.

OUR DARK LIES is basically about revenge and self-acceptance. You have to look fairly deep, but you’ll see themes like loving yourself for who you are, not letting anyone bring you down and fighting until your last breath for what you believe in. If you go to read it, be warned—it’s fairly violent. It’s currently being edited, with a highly changeable count of 108 121 words.

NIGHTBLOOD was the first novel I ever wrote and totals at about 43 462 words. It’s basically about a planet perpetually divided between Day and Night and how light and dark aren’t inherently good or bad.

PAINTING PICTURES is currently lacking an ending of any sorts and missing a handful of chapters, but I like it. The word count is 47 258 and I’m hoping to someday finish it. It’s a sort of urban fantasy about a boy who can create worlds inside of his head and a girl who can shape the world around her.

ETERNAL is far from finished, but... I don’t know. It’s fairly fantasy, about four families of witches who can control fire, a pair of warrior sisters from the icy North and a city that floats in the sky. It’s 16 009 words long as of right now.

THE INFINITY PRPJECT is 22 356 words long and starts out as a normal kidnaped-and-experimented in story before getting really dark. I don’t know what the hidden message is, other than my mind is a pretty strange place.

Well, that’s it! Woah, that was long. I’m sorry. (Not really.) I hope you enjoy reading my works!

Inspiration For My Character Names, vol. 1

by , Wednesday September 12, 2018

Inspiration Behind the Characters of Our Dark Lies

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  • Midnight_Souls

    mumbled "In need of some honesty"

    A few days ago, I began working with someone I met online (not on this site) in a sort of "editing exchange." They would edit Southern Falls for me and I would edit one of their novels. We both discussed the terms over email, and eventually decided to start with the basic stuff--grammar, spelling, etc.-- and that was it. they contacted me the next day, saying they'd become invested in the story and did much more than what I'd asked. I checked it out. There was over 300 edits to the first chapter alone. A few were mistakes, but mos was just stuff like replacing words with synonyms or simplifying what I'd thought were well-written phrases.

    so that's why I need some honesty. Not some fake "oh yes you're brilliant". I need the truth. Am I a bad writer? They told me my story was alright, but needed work in order to be excellent. So, is it true? Do I need someone else's help in order to be a good writer?

    I want the truth.

    Lily Anna
    1 days ago
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    I've read some of your work and I really enjoyed it! :)
    Everyone makes typos, or has weirdly worded sentences now and again so that doesn't mean your a bad writer. All writers make mistakes, a first or second draft isn't always going to be perfect.
    And every single reader might have a different opinion on the writing. Just because one person told you they didn't like this and this, doesn't mean it's actually wrong or that you're a bad writer. That is their opinion and you can choose whether you want to take it in on board as it is up to you how you want to edit your work and how you want it to be. Constructive criticism can be really helpful for writers and improvement of work but if you don't want to make all the changes they suggested then you don't have to!
    21 hours ago
    Your work is good honestly x
    Squonk of the Nightshade
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    We all have different ideas about writing, which is kind of why it's a brilliant vocation. It's why there are so many styles in the authors writing. The most important thing, to me anyway, is that writing makes you happy. Ideas are more important at the 'ink face' than grammar and spelling. This can be rectified at the editing stage, but the ideas must be solid. From what I've read of your work, the ideas are strong. We must remember that we're not doing an English essay but writing a work of entertainment.
  • Midnight_Souls

    mumbled "Chapter 6"

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    Southern FallsThe city of Southern Falls was once a bustling metropolis plopped down in the middle of small, idyllic farming communities. People flocked to it from all...

    So, I’ve just added the sixth chapter to Southern Falls, and I kind of have some big news. My school is having a contest to “celebrate the talent of the students” or something like that. Anyone can enter, and anything can be entered. That brings me to my big question, should I enter a couple chapters of one of my novels? I really need some advice.
    Rain Evangeline
    1 weeks ago
    Good Luck��
    1 weeks ago
    Thank you!
    6 days ago
    I think u should enter ur novels are amazing ��
  • Midnight_Souls

    mumbled "school and that fun stuff"

    so I started school yesterday, and all I have to say so far is ugh. The teachers are fine, the classes are fine, it's the other students who have me ready to pull out my own hair. Any advice on dealing with a class of thirty-something immature teenagers, stuffed in a room barely fit to accommodate half that many people?

    on the bright side, though, my mother's letting me use her laptop to write until my tablet gets fixed.
    1 weeks ago
    So, complain out loud some of the time and then they won't know how to react, wow, so yours are reversed, be impolite (in a manner that is less than how I am all the time). I'm glad I could kind of help.
    1 weeks ago
    yeah haha, thanks :)
    1 weeks ago
    No problem.
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