Character Form

by , Monday April 3, 2017
Character Form

Want to be a character in one of my books? Read on to find out how!




 I thought this was better to make a blog than keep mumbling contest on my page. So this is where you can request to be a character in one of my movellas! To start I would like to set some rules. Not too many :)



*Don't be rude. If you don't see your name or something in a movella of mine please be patient. I will try to use everyone who comments.

*Don't skip important information(like name, looks etc.)


And that is it! Now for the form to fill out. If one of them has this * next to it it means I really need you to fill it out.





Boy(only from 1d or 5sos. if you don't like them then you can leave this blank):

Role(like cousin, friend etc. This is only for those who left "Boy" blank):

Looks*(I would appreciate if you didn't use pictures. It would help me describe you if I used some of your words):


Anything else:



If you would like to be a main or in a story more than I would love more information about you so I can tell people more about your character.


And that is all! If you have any questions let me know below! 


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