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It's Time to Find our New Ambassadors

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It's overdue, but it's that time again Movellians! We're looking to choose a new group of ambassadors for the next year. 


We've been doing this for a few years running and while we're always changing and developing the ideas behind being ambassadors, this group of users have proven to be among the most hardworking, helpful, and approachable folks you will find in the Movellas universe :) And much like every year, we've made a few changes but otherwise kept the principles the same and we're here now to explain exactly what we mean...


Last year we had a much smaller group of ambassadors who were focused on different areas of Movellas. It will be very much the same this year, with 25 ambassadors total. As a new initiative we wanted to have the option to keep ambassadors who have been super active and so well-suited to the duties that come with the ambassador star that we have asked some of them to join the 2017 group ahead of calling for applications. However, the remaining spots are open and so we're looking to select 15 new ambassadors!


Ambassador Groups

Last year, we created four groups and we're keeping the same structure this year, although do note that all ambassadors can do whatever they want, regardless of what group they may be in - these are only areas of focus :)


But what are the groups, you might be asking. The groups in which Movellas 2017 Ambassadors will be divided are:


Social Media Ambassadors

If you are good with a camera, funny, and love interacting with your own social networks, then this is the group for you. Social media ambassadors will be in charge of things such as, but not limited to, making videos for our Youtube channel, taking pictures for Instagram, choosing cool covers, etc. This group is for those who want to influence Movellas' face to the world and interact with a broad spectrum of users.


Community Ambassadors

If you love being social, creating conversations, and helping others, then this is the group for you. These are the ambassadors who help users with the Movellas rules and guidelines, start new discussions in forums, welcome new users, contribute competition ideas, comment on mumbles, etc. The community ambassador's job is to make sure that Movellas is a socially active and safe place for people to connect.


Super Writer Ambassadors

The super writer ambassador group is for those who love to participate in competitions, write blogs, give constructive criticism on other user's stories, etc. The super writers' job will be to write excellent blog posts and exemplary contributions to the competitions in order to inspire and help fellow movellians feel the good vibes. Super writers are all about the text and love to produce and help others produce stories.


Super Reader Ambassadors

The super readers are the book worms of Movellas. These users love to read and so they'll be helping on Movellas by writing reviews and blog posts, selecting Story of The Month and other reading recommendations, judging competitions, as well as generally reading and giving a lot of feedback where they see fit.


What do we expect?

When it comes to being ambassadors, we expect you to spend a few hours a week on Movellas handling the different ambassador duties, in addition to the time you already spend writing your own stories <3 We are looking for ambassadors who have a lot of good ideas, creative energy, and who enjoy collaborating with others on exciting writing challenges, new features, and other tasks in making sure the community at work here forges ahead. 


What are you going to be doing as ambassador?

Judging competitions

Helping write blog posts, competitions, and mentioning other cool things we ought to add to Movellas :)

Helping with social media, be it through sharing or takeover ;)

Commenting on stories, blogs, and mumbles

Respond to users' questions, especially on competitions

Recommending movellas for editor's choice, hidden gems, and featured covers or trailers


NOTE: If you are chosen as an ambassador, you can still participate in competitions!


All applications must include a cover letter in which you:


- Let us know your name, age, username and where you are from

- Describe why you want to be an ambassador and why we should pick you

- Let us know which group(s) of ambassadors you would like to be a part of


All applications should be titled "Movellas Ambassador 2017" and sent to by midnight on July 28th, 2017. Old ambassadors who have not been contacted must reapply.


We're looking forward to hearing who wants to join the new group!


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