Winners of the Pretty Little Liars Competition

Winners of the Pretty Little Liars Competition

We've read all of your fanfics & stories inspired by this thrilling TV series - now hear who won!



This writing competition was all about the TV show Pretty Little Liars, a dark series with characters and a plot stepped in deception, fear, and betrayal. Since it's premier this show has been on our must watch list and we love it so much that it only seemed fair to have a writing competiton in its honor. What resulted was a slew of intriguing stories we're happy to talk more about now...


While the theme was a dark one, this competition showed just how intoxicating stories like these can be, and left us all wishing there were more to read. There was a beautiful mix of well designed covers, fanfiction, and mystery/suspense stories that are worth checking out, including the winners we mention below. While this show may have come to an end after seven heart-stopping seasons - the mystery, terror, and intrigue live on in these stories that we hope will continue to be written because seriously, we want to know what happens at the end :) 


The winners will receive Amazon prizes, books, and gift cards. We hope you all enjoyed having this competition on Movellas and thank you to all those who took part in this one.



Best Fanfic

Hurricane by Starscapes




Best Story

Bridgetown by Clairey160




Best Cover

Why Me by Faithfully_Happiness




There are also a couple of worthy mentions from this competition that came close to winning and are stories we really love so far...

The things we do for Love by Naz.Cris


The Hidden Truth by Jacquel Chrissy May





Winners will be contacted by email.

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