by , Thursday October 26, 2017

I got a lot of secrets, so I got no shame on it...

Welcome to my first blog!

It will make you shocking! I want to tell all of you but it got shame on me if I couldn't do it and now I have to because you don't know me! It's okay if you want to judge or ask me. Now's the time! I want to tell you but can you keep it? Hehe! Why am I nervous?! Is that normal?! Anyway..!


Most important is that you don't need to judge on me..! You don't know me, but some of you know me..! The point is..! I'm deaf! Phew! Finally, I got it! It happened that when I was a baby and my mum didn't know that I got a hearing loss, but I can hear a little. I got help from hearing better, and it called Cochlear Implant. I got it when I was fourteen, and I got long possess about the deaf world because I grow up in Hearing world. I got BSL (British Sign Language)



I got CP (Cerebral Palsy). I believe that some of you know that... How do I get it and where? I got it when I was a baby along the same story about deafness. After I was born, I got a disease on my lung, and I got my damaged brain by CP. You might be thinking of me, I'm like him, Stephen Hawking, but no, we were different... I can walk and talk to them. I'm a smart girl, and he was a brilliant man. 



Most of you are thinking of me, I'm confident and can talk to people but not really... I'm too shy not to talk to people, and when I got to meet a new face or new friend, I also speak quietly and sign too low. It's too wired because when I meet a deaf people, I sign too fast and feel like I'm proudly deaf. Worry or not, I got a best friend, a hearing girl. Her name is Daniella. I taught her to sign language. We were a friend in like 15 years. Wow! It's too long!



Now you know that I got a Cochlear Implant when I was fourteen, but before that happened, I wore Hearing Aid. It doesn't help me to hear better..! It has been like years ago, but it's not. It's now fifth-years of Cochlear Implant. So..! If you want to ask me, yes, I can answer whatever you can ask...


That's all! Please, like and comment if you got any question. Thank you for listening, well, reading the blog. Next blog, I got a base sign language if you want to learn... What do you think? Write in the comment below. I can teach you like I taught my best friend how to sign.


Take care, everyone! Bye! :)

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