Shake Up the Romance Winners!

by , Tuesday November 6, 2018
Shake Up the Romance Winners!

Winners of the Shake Up the Romance Competition

We've read each and every one of your love stories - now it's time to share the winners and their dynamite entries


Romance is a genre in writing that will never go out of style, and while this competition began a little while ago, it was far from forgotten. The sparks that started it all came from our desire to read stories challenging the typical gender roles, plotlines, and endings in Romance with movellas that were uniquely differently, and focused on different forms of romance rather than the fairy tale versions we hear a little too often. The main goal in this writing competition was to bring the readers on a journey of love that they didn't expect; needless to say we were not dissapointed.


We encourage all of you to check out not just these winning entries, but some of the others in the competition because they were all pretty amazing. We hope our winners continue to write and update these romances, especially the ones that fell short of having their own version of a happily ever after ;) Winners will receive giftcards, books, and even a Movellas-themed surprise. We hope you all enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thank you to everyone who took part...the romances we read warmed our hearts in the darkest of hours.



1st Place

Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion by Manner Hall




2nd Place

I love you.....not? by Storm Clouds




Best Trailer

Hit Me Baby One More Time by Katie Pharoah


Also worth noting are our honorable mentions, two stories we wouldn't want you to miss with all the beginnings of the real romance to come...


Unexpected by Nirp


Me, Myself and I by Finch




Winners will be contacted by email!

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