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So this Blog is created to keep you guys up to date on my writing, collaborations, Q&A'S, upcoming stories, previews and basically my activity on Movellas. 


Here is a bit of an intro about me:

I started off writing on Movellas in 2016. I've always wanted to be a concept writer and a realist but I have never quite managed to fit any genre. My main motive of writing was to get some weight off my shoulders as at that time I was struggling with my mental health. After releasing some 'practise' stories (FEUD, CATCHING FIRE, ECT) I also decided to change my stage name. My real name is Amaan Shabir, but after a bit of time, I changed my stage name to 'Shabzy' , as a way of shedding my past identity and starting afresh. 


My first stories were soley based on real life accounts. I really wanted the world to see situations the way I did it, but it was my first time writing anything at all and no one had told me just how hard it was to be, but after being here for about 3 years, I've grasped my writing style and I'm using fiction stories ( Predatory for example) to leak through my opinions on different matters in life (Mental health, the LGBT community, friendships, love and so on.) My characters are carefully crafted to symbolise each of these elements and their relationships (or lack of in some circumstances) and how these themes are explored in my stories. 


I've worked with Brodie, who has helped advertise 'Predatory' (which is currently my biggest success and my faviroute story I've ever written by myself) and have been able to grasp an amazing fanbase all over different social media platforms. Brodie has also helped create ' Promos' and anything to do with illustration is under her supreme talent. Brodie and I actually started off as loose aquaintances, both just talking on how we could improve the story, but as time went on, we both have become close friends and it has been great working with her. Unfortunately, Brodie has decided to put movellas to a hault and has found it necessary to have no more connections with movellas or 'Predatory' which I completely understand. I hope she gets better :)


As well as working on my huge project 'Predatory', I'm excited to say I have collaborated with someone who I've always wanted to collaborate with for a long time. Many of you know her as the author of 'Entering Emotion' as well as the 'Life Lessons' quote book. My relationship with Rain is the backwards of mine and Brodie's. Rain and I started off as very close friends before anything to do with writing came through. We always talk daily and vibe with each other very well. She also has this insane way of making conversation and being extremely supportive when either of us are feeling down. I have collaborated with her on 'Life Lessons' after making the cover for it. We both decided to work on the chapters together and its so nice working with her :) BTW This is a disclaimer- I am a full time writer and do not make covers for other people on movellas- I just did it for Rain as she was a close friend and couldnt help myself :)


My poem book 'Poems To The Heart' is a recent book I've decided to create. It is quite self explanotary and so far contains a short number of poems but I hope to increase it. The poems so far are metaphorical of bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and any form of mental illness. I have given permission for other writers to use my poems in their work but as long as no copyright infringement is put through XD. Also, 'Escape' is a short story that fits in the thriller/action/ horror genre. Only takes a few minutes to read. Both these stories are not really as famous and popular as 'Predatory' but I hope to gain a captivated audience by every story I make. I dont want to be a 'one hit wonder.' I want to make an impact on many people's lives with my stories, and every 'teaser' I drop, or if i announce I'm working on another project, people get so excited. Many people are able to relate to what I write, which is why I enjoy it. A writer like me has one objective, to be understood and to help others be understood and hopefully with what I have planned for 2019 and 2020, I will do just that :)

I will update this blog regularly btw. If there will be any announcements, teasers, previews ect, you'll find it here :) x


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