What are the Different Types of Tyres

It can be very confusing while you are choosing a new tyre for your vehicle because of the wide variety of tyres available. 

The two main factors to distinguish one tyre from another are rubber compound and the tread pattern. Different tread pattern and rubber compound help to define which tyre is suitable for which weather condition. 

Before choosing new tyres for your car, take a look at the various types of tyres available and then choose the tyre that matches the best to your driving style and needs.

Here are the different types of tyre available: 

Winter tyre

Winter tyre is best suited for road surfaces covered with ice and snow in cold weather conditions. The rubber compound of a winter tyre contains a higher percentage of natural rubber compared to a summer tyre. The compound doesn’t harden when the temperature goes below seven degrees Celsius and stays flexible. This reduces the stopping distance while applying the brake.

Winter tyres have deep blocks on their treads, the area of the tyre where the rubber meets the road. These grooves provide a better grip and handling as they can dig deep into the ice. A large number of sipes on the tread helps to clear water that comes in the way of the car. 

Winter tyres are not suitable for summer conditions because of their soft rubber compound. It increases the consumption of fuel and the chances of wearing.

Summer tyre

A summer tyre is designed to provide optimal performance on wet and dry roads during summers. It provides maximum control in warm conditions because of the unique rubber component. 

The tread pattern on the summer tyres has less number of grooves that increases the contact area with the road. Due to this factor, cornering and steering abilities are greatly improved.

These special features of summer tyres make them unsuitable for winter weather conditions. When the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, the rubber compound becomes hard that increases the stopping distance. 

All-season tyre

All-season tyres have characteristics of both summer and winter tyres. They have a special construction that allows the tyre to perform well in high and low temperatures. To offer good performance all-season tyres have to compromise some of the essential features of summer and winter tyres. The rubber compound and tread pattern are designed in such a way that it is ideal for both kinds of weather. 

4x4 tyres

4x4 tyres are designed for better performance in ground areas that are difficult to grip for conventional tyres reading such as mud, grass, snow, and glass. This high performance comes from the fact that these tyres have widely separated tread blocks and soft rubber compound. Due to this design, the tread doesn’t get clogged and avoids the wheel to spin uselessly. 

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