Love Is In The Air

by , Friday February 7, 2014
Love Is In The Air

It's that time of year again..........


Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Love it or hate it Movellians, you've probably got something to say about it. Many of you will have bought cards and gifts for your Valentine, worrying whether or not to sign them or leave them deliciously ambiguous. And many of you will crawl under your duvet and find escapism through a really good book or movella.


But we're feeling the lurrrve vibe here at Movellas and we thought how better to celebrate than through a competition. 


Da Rules:

1. Feel free to write original fiction and fanfiction, although if your fanfiction is 1D or 5SOS related, you might prefer this competition.

2. All countries can enter and you can submit more than one entry.

3. If you're writing a fanfiction, then OTPs and BROTPs are welcomed.

4. There is no word limit (yikes), but we do recommend being careful with your words. Why use 3 when you could use 1?


The Prizes:


  • Two winning movellas – one for original fiction and one for fan fiction – will be Featured Stories for the next month!
  • 10 runners up, along with the 2 winners will be added to our Shades of Love app and our Love Stories app. Download them. They're awesome!

And here's our favourite love song from last year to get you in the mood, by the amazingly talented Passenger:



*Please keep all entries into this competition 'clean', as stated in our terms and conditions for users under the age of 16.

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