Jack Bauer and the Beanstalk

Jack Bauer is an American government agent working for CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit).

His latest mission, to stop the Chinese from producing more magic beans. The deadline, 23 hours and 59 minutes. Why? That’s classified information.

Please note: There has not been a terrorist attack in the United States since Jack Bauer first appeared on television.


1. 11.00 hours – Shanghai

It was a warm, humid day in Shanghai and my sweat was already flowing. My name is Jack Bauer and I work for CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) in America. I’ve been sent to Shanghai on personal request from President Obama. My mission – to locate the tailor of the wing wah, Alan, and purchase 5 of his magic beans. Or at least that’s what he’s going to think.

China have experienced years of rapid growth. In the past decade China's economy has more than tripled in size, becoming a global force, and with the eurozone in crisis and the US hobbled by political paralysis, many believe China will become the driver of global growth.

But China's leader’s addiction to magic beans and the power they wield has made it so that its citizens are now about as wealthy as those in Jamaica or Albania and it has had pressing economic problems.

Magic beans were first seen in 2005 where the Chinese started to use them to grow all sorts of  goods, ranging from meat and fish, to fake Louis Vuitton (Louis Button) bags, and Rolex watches (Lorex). The Chinese government have poured the cash reaped from the sale of these items into building an impressive military presence.

Alan was a 53 year old Chinese man that had lived in the UK for 13 years masquerading as a restaurateur. Although he was renowned for his chow mein and late night karaoke, his real occupation was a Chinese spy (and master tailor). He had stolen secrets from the British Government and returned to China to allow them to manufacture the magic beans. A cunning man, however his one downfall, his catch phrase “Lovely  Jubbly” which he was known to shriek frequently in a high pitched voice, was going to make him easy to find.



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