The hunters

I'll leave it to you to figure out;)


1. The hunters

I am the hunter. I am the mourner. I am the darkness that lurks within every corner of every room and the monster that lays in wait for unsuspecting children who stumble to far into the unknown. I am danger but I am also protection. I am their worst nightmare.

Smiling ruefully, I took a confident step forward, moonlight pooling down upon me, illuminating my even features. Hearing them gasp, I felt my grin widen as i twirled a few stray strands of black hair playfully around my fingers. My knife winked menacingly in the light, daring the men that stood before me to speak out. “The rules are simple,” I continued to explain as I felt the rest of my friends move to join me, slinking forward from the dark blanket of black that surrounded me. “You’re going to run. We are going to chase you. If we catch you… You die.” Narrowing my eyes at the leader, I flicked my curls of hair over my shoulder. “If you escape, we will find you… and you will die.”

“Traitor.” Someone spat at me, venom dripping from his icy tone. I unzipped my leather jacket, sliding it off and dropping it onto the street. Scars marred my pale arms, a crimson red ribbon wrapped tightly around my wrist. Grinning, I tugged at the hem of my black tank top, my hands moving down to hook in the loops of my black jeans.

“Animal.” I retorted, comforted by the feel of my fellow hunters behind me.

“You would all stoop so low as to kill your own?” A tall man stepped forward, gnashing his teeth at me, a low hiss rumbling deep within his throat. “I’m going to enjoy killing you.” He sneered, running a hand through his dishevelled mop of brown hair.

“I can see you aren’t going to run. Well, there’s a difference between you and I.” Smiling slyly, I slipped my knife from my belt, my fingers curling around the silver handle, the blade glinting its encouragement. “But I’ll leave you to figure it out.” That was when I attacked. Lunging forward, I thrust my knife forward, aiming straight for his dead heart.

Chaos erupted around me, battle cries tearing through the air. Avoiding my attack, the leader dodged to the side, growling angrily. With supernatural speed, I mimicked his movements, kicking out with my leg, the heel of my black boot connecting with his stomach. Then, I jabbed forward once more, satisfaction creeping across my face as my knife plunged deep into the leaders chest.

Groaning in pain, the leader crumbled to the floor, clutching his wound, blood seeping through his fingers. Instinct taking over, I swung my arm, my knife sinking straight into his heart. Within seconds, he had turned to ash.

Silently, I watched as the rest of my friends dispatched of the others. They deserved to die. They enjoyed what they were. They were vampires with no care for human life and it was my job to put a stop to their careless antics. Unfortunatley, this gang in particular had caused a lot of trouble for the human race recently and in my eyes, my friends and I had done the world a favour. Yes. These vampires deserved their fate.

“Finish quickly.” I commanded, bending down to collect my jacket. Slipping it back on, I slunk back towards the shadows of the abandoned alleyway, retreating into the darkness. My friends followed my lead, each of them sporting their own cocky grin. We had done it again.

We were the only ones the rouges feared. We were danger. We were the hunters.

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