Dim Dog

Dogs get up to lots when humans are away!!!!!


1. The Humans

 Dear Diary,

Thudding upstairs. Them humans are up! What's so good about the Summer Holidays anyway? It's all the same for me. You just get today, tommorow and yesterday. It's as simple as that! But oh no, not with humans. With humans they have to bother with those month and week things. I get out of bed and strech my legs and paws for the fun day ahead. A little human walks up to me. She lives in this cube thing. She places her palm on my back and sweeps through my hair! What is the point? They know I hate it! Humans are so stupid. They seem to be getting excited. Ah,the one human I can trust I think he is called Fred. But if it was up to me, he would be called 'Treat Giver'. I open my mouth to him and pull off the cutest eyes ever! He tosses up a stick and I chase it (I'm the best at this in the whole cube) and catch it in my mouth! I swolllow the stick whole, as I always do, and cough afterwards. But that's the fun of it, right? A giant human looks at me with disbelife in his eyes as he shakes his head and walks out of the food eating room. Here she is! The other giant human, but this is the one that does the cube-work. She comes in the room with her hands behind her back. She soon presents me with a dog! Oh no, what if he does not like me? I run underneath the four leg object that suprisingly never moves. The humans sit on it but in this case I am using it to cower underneath. I bravely set out into the center of the room and lash out at the creature! But he does not react. Well, guess I'm in charge! This guy doesn't really move. He just lies there slumped on the ground motionless. I roll him about with my paw. It's a toy! That thing is not a toy, it scared me to death! Stupid,stupid humans. They must suffer micro-brain.    

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