The ghost

I never told my dad about Alex, he was my secret. Dad wouldn't approve of Alex because he has no mummy and daddy. One time I told him that I had no mummy. He just looked a bit sad. He always looks like that, a bit sad... He's my special friend though, and even though he leaves me, I know he'll always come back.

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1. Seeing him

Thursday, 6:00,

I woke up to the ringing of my alarm clock, it went on and on, beep. beep. beep. My dad got me it for my birthday, it was pink and shiny. I hate pink and shiny things. Alex understood me, he hated pink and shiny things too.  I let it go on and on.Trying to focus on the crashing of the waves in the distance. My dad was probably at the top of the light house by now. We lived in a little cabin next to it... but I never visited, I would just get under his feet. He loved it up there. I didn't, it was not right to be that high, humans were meant to walk, or swim, not to fly. 

If I were a sea gull, I would probably like it. They go up there a lot, but they sit on it. I don't think they know your supposed to go in it. I turned over to look at the numbers 6:02 flash hazardously over and over. In 18 minutes I would get out of bed and get ready, in 23 minutes I would walk down the rocky shore line of the island me and my dad live on, in 28 minutes I would meet Alex. I looked at the stitches in my quilt, tracing the patterns, just wasting time.

I threw my legs out of my bed at 6:20, finally stopping my alarm clock. My room was only small, but I loved it, every thing was wooden. Wooden wardrobe, Wooden door, Wooden walls, wooden drawers, Wooden bed. Wooden was good, I liked wooden. My patch-work quilt was on the floor all scrunched up. I picked it up and hugged it closely, stroking the soft material. I'd always had this quilt, my mum had sewn it together, before I could remember.

My dad sometimes told me things like that. I liked to listen to the story's about her wispy blonde hair and blue eyes. It made me smile... I had blonde hair and blue eyes. May be if I grew up to be like my mum, my dad would be happy  again. I threw on my ripped jeans and old jumper, leaving my shoes at the end of my bed, the stones never hurt my feet.

I breathed in the salty air, licking at it, trying to taste the salt... The sea looked so vast from here and I felt, if I was alone with it, that it might swallow me. the rocky path sloped downwards, and I gripped the sharp,  black  rocks behind me, clinging on to them to stop me from falling. My dad always told me to take the long way down, but I never did. The island was massive, it took me 20 minutes to go all the way round the shoreline, this way was quicker. I went round to the back of the cliffs, that over looked the light house, to a little, rocky beach as big as my room.

This was our secret place, The rocks were almost flat and the water lapped at my feet. Some times, if there's a storm, our secret place floods... but the clouds looked calm enough, even a few sun beams slipped through occasionally, like small slices of heaven. Sea gulls filled the sky, swooping low to greet me, they always did this just before Alex arrived. It meant he would be here soon. I smiled at that thought. He was my best friend and the brother I'd never had... Even if he was always late.

The ledge behinds me was a great seat and was surrounded by dainty, hand picked shells; when ever a storm came and took them away, me and Alex replaced the shells. I don't know why, I never asked. But Alex says its important and Alex is really smart, when I first met him I was seven and he was nine, now I'm eight and a half... he's still nine. I don't know why. I traced circles around all the beautiful, baby pink shells and added them all up: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9- "Hi Jo" He's voice was quiet and kind, I liked him being quiet, it meant I could be loud. That was how it worked, I talked, he listened, "Hi"I replied. 

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