Dragons fury

My sister and I have never gotten on.

My sister is Yin and I am Yang.


1. How it started

I am Yang, the white dragon of light and this is my story.

When my sister and I were born my mother and father noticed something very unusual about us, so they went to see an oracle and she said that we were opposites, and not just because we were brother and sister: I was meant to lead the humans into the light and my sister was meant to lead them into darkness. The oracle also said that we both needed to lead our own lives because we held the balance, but my sister got jealous as we got older because of those saying that she was the devil and I was an angel. Nearly everyone praised me but a few people were evil and wanted a new world, so my sister decided to try and help them. This is when the war began, it was brother against sister and I just couldn't see that happen so I ran away.

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