The house in the woods

When sapphire discovers friends from the past things get complicated with family issues,again.


1. House greetings

dear journal ,
I was only there two hours and already feel they all hated me apart from Carlisle and his beautiful wife Esme , she was a beautiful brunette with pale soft skin and had warm friendly eyes the same colour as Carlisle .
Another person I had gotten along with was there adopted daughter Alice she seemed to love me science the moment we met she like Esme was a beautiful brunette with pale skin and golden eyes. She was quite short but her personality was very bubbly and her gifts was also extraordinary she could see the future she could see decisions be made and things that could happen , she was a very nice person.
Her mate jasper docent seem to like me but has an understanding for my behaviour , jasper was also absolutely beautiful he had light blond hair a few shades lighter than Carlisle he had the same eye colour but they was not as warm almost concerned .
The others was equally as beautiful emmett, rosalie, Bella and Edward , they made no attempt to talk to me but listened when I gave a answer .
Esme had once asked me what I was I turned to Carlisle who gave this answer he said
' sapphires ordinary that's if you count being one of the original vampires and half werewolf, having time and space at her finger tips and having the ability to mind read like Edward and give and take away another immortals gifts. But apart from that she's pretty normal ' .
I knew he was trying to put it into nicer terms so I smiled Alice turned to look at me .
" can you show me how you control time" she said her beautiful voice filling the room
" of corse " I replied leaning over to get emmetts old worn out base ball from the table .
I leaned the ball a few centimetres away from my lips and then I carefully blow it when I blinked and looked back at my palms the ball was gone , Alice gasped in shock I smiled and blow my palms again , and in my palms the same ball but different I had brought the ball back from the time emmett had worn it in . Alice smiled at me and I returned the smile I gave the ball to emmett without a word he smiled and thanked me he then asked everyone if they wanted a game to see if it was the same ball I try to convince him it was the same , we was friends after that his mate Rosalie still didn't seem to like me but I didnt want to try to read her mind to make sure .
I and edward found a interest we both shared when he knew he could trust me he let me meet his beautiful half human half vampire daughter renesmee she seemed to like me and my gifts and after that it was hard to keep her away from me see wanted me to show her thing things that happen in the future I showed her things like Edward playing his piano to her as a lullaby for her nap or what Alice might make her wear and what Carlisle would make her for dinner or when the cullers wolf friend Jacob would come over . She seemed to like me in my wolf form she liked riding on my back but this made jasper edger by the minuets .jasper seemed to be concerned that I might lose control because of how I left the house for a bit while they feed renesmee a beaker of human blood I think he understands how hard it is for me after what had happened I explained to him once about my father he seemed to understand from knowledge not experience .
Well I got I letter from my previous lover casius i dated him in 1743 he wants me to join the volturi and meet up more how romantic i will go tomorrow and try to explain how different we are and if that dosent work violence is the answer for silencing. Got to go hunt some elk with Carlisle in the morning I'm going to have a good night rest night and Surprisingly I'm the only vampire they know who can sleep night , love sappy xx
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