Beach Boys

*This is my first story, so if you could please tell me on how I'm doing so far, that'd be great, thank you.c:*

Seventeen year old Aubree lives in cold Burlington, Vermont but when a terrible plane accidents kills her parents, she is forced to move in with her father's old friend from college. Not only is the grief of losing her parents weighing her down, but so is the fact that her father's friend lives across the country in sunny California. Major culture shock for Aubree. Now with Aubree moving across the country new problems rise when a certain green eyed beauty named Parker keeps giving her the eyes, he also happens to be the boyfriend of the daughter of her father's friend. Parker's not the only one with eyes for Aubree, Parker's worst enemy, Cooper seems to take interest in her, sparking more tension between the two. If that doesn't add to more problems, the daughter of her father's friend, already hates her.


1. A Huntington Welcome


It's funny how fast your life can turn upside down. How quickly things that you once loved or admired can just completely disappear. Things for me changed from great to horrible and all it took was a simple phone call. 

I remember when I found out about the accident. How they told me there were no survivors. I chocked up, my breathing became hesitant and small. I didn't know what to do, how to properly react. If I should cry my eyes out and grieve for the rest of my life or just swallow the lump in my throat and continue on. I can tell you right now, I didn't swallow the lump. I certainly don't know if I'll be crying for the rest of my life, but I surely won't be staying calm. 

The flight that had killed my parents was on its way back from Cancun. My parents were on their honeymoon when they had died. It happened so quick and I wasnt nowhere prepared for it. Nobody could have been. I remember crying hysterically in the hospital as the doctor came out and told me the news. I knew instantly just by the look on his face. He explained that there was nothing he could do. The loss of blood was tremendous and the head injuries just added on to it. 

But it's been a month now since the accident and I have to move on. I had no living relatives and since I wasn't 18 yet, I couldn't exactly stay on my own. Erick Gregory was the only suitable person that could take me in. If something were to ever happen to my parents, he and his wife would take me into custody.  

I was being shipped off across the country to live with some man and his wife and I never have even met them. I only I know is that they life in Hunington, California and have one daughter named Lily Ann.

I could never live in California, for god's sake, I grew up in Vermont. I would be the stow-away of the family. I wouldn't fit into their privelaged, perfect lives. I bet they weren't even expecting for me to actually be staying with them. I bet they don't want me. 

I really had no choice to go back now. I was already in California, waiting for them to arrive at the airport. They said they'd be here at 2 and it's already going on to 3:30. I was scorching in the hot Californa heat. I was pretty sure I'd be melting at any point. Living in Vermont never really prepared me for the weather of California. It was jeans and long sleeved shirts and jackets. As I look around all I see are girls in shorts so short, I'm pretty sure that if they bent down, you'd see everything and light weight tank tops and shirts, of course wearing flip flips and sandals. Havent seen anyone yet wearing boots and sneakers. I started to feel uncomfortable not only because of the heat, but because of the states I was getting. You could tell I wasn't from around here. If my jeans, boots, and sweater didn't give it away, I don't know what would. 

As the minutes drew on, I became irritated, it was hot, I was getting stared down, and they were running late. I knew they didn't want anything to do with me. They didn't even pick me up from the airport. That is a clear sign of  me being unwanted.

Before I could argue with myself further, a brand new white range rover, rolled up in front of me, beeping its horn. I looked up and scrunched up my nose, trying to make out the person who just rudely honked at me. Out popped the head of the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen, way scratch that, boy was an understatement, more like a man. From what I could see, he looked built, nicely built. Not too much muscle, but just enough. He had short brown hair and the perfect facial and jaw structure. I couldn't make out the color of his eyes correctly, but they looked to be a pale blue. He looked to be about 19 or 20. Definitely older.  "Hey, you Aubree?" I didn't even register he said something to me until the girl sitting beside him snapped at me. I was too busy staring at him.

"Are you Aubrey or not?" I moved my gaze over to her. She looked to be about near my age and my god was she beautiful. She was the cliche California blonde. Pretty, long blonde hair and skinny frame. I couldn't see the rest of her body, but you could just tell she was tiny.

"Uh.." I stammered, hesitating. How did they know me? What did they even want? Apparently my hesitation was clearly pissing the blonde girl off because she snapped at me again.

"It's just a yes or no question! Are you Aubree or not?" Hearing her tone pissed me off. Why was she getting an attitude with me, I don't even know her.

"Yes, I'm Aubree. Who the hell are you?" I snapped. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the guy smirking, clearly amused with my snap back to the girl. The girl just glared at me and thank god looks couldn't kill. 

"We're hear to pick you up. Get in." I didn't say anything back, just grabbed one of the few bags I had. As I turned around, I could hear a door opening up and closing indicating that someone has gotten out of the car. When I looked up the golden boy was standing up, looking down at me and I literally mean looking down on me. He stood at about 6'4'' and he was even more attractive up close. He smirked at me, grabbing the bag out of my hands, opening up the trunk and setting the bag down inside. I mumbled a thanks and went for the rest of my bags.

We got the rest of my bags and were on our way back to their house. I could feel the glare that the girl gave me in the rear view mirror. I couldn't get over the fact that she's been a total bitch since they've picked me up. I don't even know her. The realization dawned on me that I don't even know their names. The whole car ride had been awkward and quiet and I didn't feel like breaking the silence to figure out their name

The ride wasn't that long, but with the awkward and tense silence it felt like hours with no end. I was so grateful to be out of that car with the blond bimbo shooting daggers at me.

When we pulled up into the drive way I was amazed. This wasn't a house, this was a mansion. It was utterly and beautifully huge. I know I was gawking and I knew I could see the blond girl out of the corner of my eye smirking like I was an idiot. I could just imagine what she was thinking. I am basically a peasant compared to her. I knew she must be Erick's  daughter, there's no other explanation as to why they didn't pick me up and she did, but I still haven't figured out who golden boy was. 

They parked the car in front of the three car garage. I sighed and went to open up the car door. Blondie and golden boy have already stepped out and I could see him grabbing my bags and heading inside the house. I went to grab my carry on bag and started to head towards the front door, blondie stepped in my way, blocking my path glaring harshly at me. "Listen, I don't care why you're here but stay out of my way, got it?" I automatically hated her.  I didn't respond to her, but pushed right past her, hitting her shoulder on the way. I kept going until I came to the giant red door. It was open a little though and I slowly pushed it open all the way, walking in the door way hesitantly. I was automatically greeted with big smiles but an older middle aged man and a middle aged woman. Both looking very good for their age. I knew exactly who they were. It was Erick and Julie, or at least I think that's her name. I hope it is. 

Julie came right up to me with open arms, wrapping her arms around me and giving me a enormous hug. I put my arms back around her awkwardly, patting her lightly on the back. I've never met this woman in my life and she was already treating me like the child she had lost. When she pulled back I could see she had tears in the corners of her eyes. Erick came up behind her, putting a hand lightly on her shoulder, smiling smally at me, as if apologizing for her behavior. He clearly knew that I didn't want to be overbeared right now and I was thankful for that. "We are so happy to have you Aubree. Julie and I couldn't wait for your arrival." I'm glad he confirmed my suspicion of Julie's name. I didn't want to end up calling her the wrong name, saved me from embarrassment. "I take it that Lilly Ann and Parker have introduced their selves and made you feel welcome." Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lily Ann clear her throat nervously, obviously she was daddy's little girl and didn't want him to know that his little girl is a complete bitch, but I'm so glad I figured out golden boy's name. Parker is a really cute name.

"Yeah, I feel so welcomed." I said sarcastically smiling. Obviously Julie and Erick didn't catch on to my sarcasm because they just smiled. 

"We're so sorry to hear about your parents. It must be terrible, you must be in such distress." I wish Julie stayed silent. This was the worst part. People talking about them, apologizing. Why do people always apologize like it was their fault or like it's going to bring them back from the dead. It just made me feel worse and I hated talking about them. 

"I think we should let her get settled in Julie, don't you think?" Erick asked his wife trying to get her to catch on as to why he's changing the subject. She did get it though thankfully. 

"Lily Ann can show you to your room, Aubree and I hope you get settled in easily." Julie smiled apologetically, walking off to I think the kitchen. Erick also smiled wishing me the same thing, following her. 

I turned to see Lily Ann glaring at me, I glared back. I'm not the type of person to take one's shit and I certainly wouldn't take hers. She turned around and stomped up the large stair case, Parker following her. I trailed behind Parker which gave me the perfect view of his ass. The jeans he was wearing hugged it perfectly showing it off. When I looked up I found Parker staring at me, smiling. He definitively call me checking him out. I quickly let go of eye contact and blushed fiercely. 

Lily Ann led me to to what looked like a bedroom, but it was huge. Sat in the middle was a giant queen sized bed that had a purple comforter set, which purple by the way is my favorite color, the walls were painted a light cream color with a dark oak trim and on the far left right side sat a dark oak dresser with a massive flat screen tv. I could see the door to my bathroom on the left, but I'd explore that later. My closet though had no doors, but you could see that it was basically a second room. I had a walk in closest. I don't even know if I have enough close to even fit half of them in, I didn't own that many clothes. 

I walked in setting my bags down and Parker and Lily Ann walked in after me, Parker set my bags down by the edge of the bed. When I turned around to face them Lily Ann was nowhere in sight, I didn't even notice her leave. Ha. But Parker was standing there directly a head of me, looking down on me. I looked back up at him unsure why he didn't follow Lily Ann. I kind of put it together that they were together. The way she acted towards him gave it away, it wasn't sisterly love she showed him. 

Parker stared down at me smiling, just staring and I couldn't take it and I had to break eye contact. I blushed and he laughed and my god I wanted to hear it again. I looked down unable to look back up at him with fear that I'll become a complete tomato. I felt his hand under my chin, pushing my head up towards so that I was looking at him. 

"Things are going to get pretty interesting around here with you." He smiled, moving his hand to my cheek, stroking it slowly. I couldn't believe this was happening. I didn't even know the guy and he was stroking my cheek. I didn't really have a lot of experience with guys but I know you don't stroke cheeks the first day you meet and you really don't do it when you have a girlfriend. A girlfriend who already hates my guts for whatever reason, I have no idea. 

Parker leaned forward and I thought he was going to kiss me and I started to panic eternally. What do I do? I've never been kissed. I don't want to kiss him, I just met him and Lily Ann already hates me, oh my god. I'm going to lose my lip virginity to a player. Before I could argue with myself some more, I felt a pair of warm, soft lips on my forehead pressed down gently. 

My cheeks flamed.

Parker leaned back smirking, clearly amused with my reaction and than he walked out of the door, stopping at the doorway to look back real quick. "I hope you get settled in nicely Aubree, I'll definitely see you around." He smirked and walked away.

That's when I came to the conclusion that Parker was going to be the death of me. 



{ A/N This is my very first story and I would appreciate it if you would give me feedback on how I did. It does start out a little slow, but I promise it will get more exciting and better. Thank you. c: }

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