Death Eaters

My name is Lotus. I am Bellatrix's daughter. My life is devoted to the dark lord. Voldemort. Draco is my cousin. It is now my job for the dark lord to go to Hogwarts. To spy on Harry Potter. But something happens. Something that could change everything. I fall in love. With his best friends brother. Fred. Will I be able to go through with my task? ... Or not?

*this is based on Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix year 5*


1. Chapter 1

In the dim light of the crackling fire I could just make out his silhouette. The dark lord. This was the first time I would meet him. Noone knew what happened that night 15 years ago. Nor did they know how he survived. He just did. My mother, Bellatrix, was ecstatic. As I looked around the large table I saw many familiar faces. Draco, Bellatrix, my father Rodolphus, uncle Lucius, aunt Narcissa, uncle Rabastan, Dolohov, Macnair, Crabbe Snr, Goyle Snr and more. All apart of the Dark Lords inner circle. "Hello friends," The Dark Lord greeted us. I wouldn't really call him a friend. Just a master. Everyone remained silent. "I called you all here today for a reason. I have a mission for someone. Does anyone here have a child in the same year as young Harry Potter? Besides of course young Draco," he asked in his slippery tone. "Ooh ooh. How about Lotus? She would be in his year," mother told the dark lord. "Come forward girl," he ordered. My mother gave me a little nudge indicating to go closer to him. I hopped pff my chair and crept up to where he was stood at the end of the table. He took a long look at me. "You are my new spy, your mission is, befriend Harry Potter, find out anything usefull to me, if you fail to find anything worth my time then I shall kill you," He said. "Yes my lord," I obeyed. I went and took my seat. "Macnair, do you have anything usefull from the Ministry Of Magic?" the dark lord asked. "My lord I do, Fudge seems to be doing everything to make the wizarding world believe your not back, he's going to extreme lengths. Everyone believes Harry Potter and Dumbledore are crazy," Macnair said. This was old news. The dark lord probabaly already knew what Macnair was telling him. But I guess he didn't know because he just nodded to Macnair. "And you Crabbe?" he asked. "My lord, I havn't heard a thing worth your time," Crabbe answered. The dark lord glared at him through the darkness. "I'm dearly sorry my lord," Crabbe apologised. "Don't let it happen again," The dark lord said. "All of you are to have something worth my time when we all meet up next," he said. That was our cue to leave. We slowly got up and left.

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