The Night Before

*Twilight Competition* What if Bella wasn't what she seemed? What if she wasn't feeble, fragile and... normal? All will be revealed the night before...
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1. The Plan

Outside was silent, cold and dark. The sky was as black as midnight, with only the white moon in the high sky, contrasting with it. The low whistles of the wind, felt like a lullaby to my ears. Even Charlie’s loud snores couldn’t, ruin the heavenly whistles that blew softly. I heard a distant howl in the background and the hairs on my arm went up. I knew who it was, Jacob. I smiled to myself at the peace and quiet moment I was having. It was a perfect moment for thinking.

I snuggled deeper into my bed, but it was too warm and uncomfortable without Edward in it. My eyelids felt heavy, yet I couldn’t come to close them. As I lay silently, my thoughts drifted to what was happening in my life. Tonight was the last night in my room, my last night as Isabella Sawn. I sighed at the thought. It was just a few more hours, until I was going to be bound to Edward Cullen; the love of my life... or so I think.

I was delighted I was getting married to him. Edward has everything a girl could ever want, plus more. His perfectly chiselled collar bone, gave of a masculine vibe. That no doubt attracted girls. He is a charmingly dangerous man, whose very presence is simply intoxicating. I felt blessed to be the lucky girl to marry him.

However, I knew I had some doubts about it. I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was, but there was something at the back of my mind that bothered me. Maybe it was the before wedding nerves that got to me. I kept encouraging myself to think it would be fine after that, but I couldn’t believe my own thoughts.

I knew a big part of getting married to Edward, was for the extra power I’d get. Once he’d bite me I’d be an invincible angel. No angel in the history of angels had done this before. However there was a big risk to my plan. I could lose my beautiful white wings, if his venom was too powerful. Never mind telling Edward this, he didn’t even know that I wasn’t human. It was a good thing that he couldn’t read my mind and I wanted to keep it like that. My theory was it was because I was an angel, which was why I was immune to everyone’s powers.

Losing my wings would be like losing a limb, if my plan went wrong. I would never return to be an angel. I would just become vampire. There was no way I wanted that. I wouldn’t want to be an ordinary vampire; I wanted to be a vampire angel. Once I’ve turn into one, I would then reveal to Edward what I am. I had no idea to what his reaction would be; I just hoped it wouldn’t be bad.

No one knew this apart from Jacob and me. Charlie knew, as he was an angel himself before. He taught me everything I knew about being an angel; from how to fly to keeping my wings inside. But the main thing was how to keep it a secret. The only reason Jacob knew, was because I did my angel training with him when I was small. I must say he was a very good opponent. I always wondered why he was so strong for his age, but I soon came to know, as he revealed he was a werewolf. I should have guessed there was much more in this magical world.

The thoughts of Jacob overwhelmed me. I always knew I loved him, and I loved him dearly. But the different kinds of love I felt for him confused me. A part of me wanted to keep him as a friend, yet the other yearned for him to be more. I wanted to be crushed into his warm bone breaking hugs. I wanted to rake my own fingers through the soft hairs at the back of his neck. And just basically feel his presence near me, the presence that made me feel loved, safe and…alive.

He was the total opposite of Edward; that was a fact. Edwards’s hugs were cool, calming and made me feel like; I was the only person in the world. The way his cold lips pressed against mine as he kissed me, felt like a million electrical sparks were shooting out of my body. And each time I pulled away the needy sensation I had, became really hard to control. Yet somewhere deep down inside me, wanted me to stay away from him. I knew he was dangerous and his single bite may put me in at risk of losing my wings, but hey, if you don’t try; you will never find out what’s going to happen next.

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