Wings (Janoskians Fan Fiction)

Beau Brooks and Lilly Strim have been dating for longer than a year but what happens when Beau's brother 'Luke' walks in on them and tries to steal Lily? Will Lily accept that and be with Luke? Or will she stay with Beau?


1. How We Function♥

Lily's POV

          "Hey Lil, wanna go to McDonalds?" Beau said walking up to my side.

           I drew a breath silently. "Sure.."

           Beau smiled. "Luke will be coming too if you don't mind." He paused looking at me. I batted my eyelashes and looked back at him. "You okay, Lil?"

           "Yeah I'm fine." I lied but not obviously. I rubbed the upper part of my arm heavily.

           Beau gave me a fishy look and sighed.

           "What, you don't want to go? Cos if you don't it's alright with me,"

           "No, no I want to go! I'm fine with it, and there's nothing wrong, Beau." I lied another time feeling guilt in my throat. I swallowed down hardly feelin the stiff pain. Beau looked at me with a straight face which was strangely serious.

            Beau grabbed my hand tangling our fingers together. I smiled.

            We walked out the door reaching to Beau's car. He opened the door as I nodded at him telling him 'thank you'. He nodded back as I got in the car. I closed the door myself as Beau circled around the car and got in too. He searched his pocket once we both got in the car, he pulled out his keys as I spotted a picture of me on there. I turned away quickly blushing hard and biting my bottom lip.


kay this all I want to write for now but I promise I will update :)(:

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