It Started With A Party

I saw him standing there, group of guys around him, red solo cup in hand, eyes to the floor. I hadn't realized how long I had been staring until someone knocked into me and spilled my drink all down my front. I started frantically trying to clean it up when I saw a toned arm extend towards me with a towel, at that moment I didn't care how stained my new white blouse was, all I cared about was staring Ito those beautiful brown eyes a little longer.


1. Prologue

Hi, my names Chelsea, Chelsea Brink. Im 18 years old and just moved out on my own to a pretty stylish and colorful flat, I live in Liverpool, very close to Blackpool, not the most exciting person I guess. I'm 5'5, have waist length bleach blind hair, and am pretty average looking, I have freckles cheeks and gray eyes. Not much else to tell which you won't find out later on in the story I guess.

Enjoy <3
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