A Special Day

For the 1shot41d competition.
Kayleigh or known as Kay-Kay by all her friends is a normal average girl. She hates one thing-Valentines Day, she believes it's a waste day full of love by people who would never last together forever, a waste she believes. So what happened's this year on February 14 when love slips into her life. Will this be a valentines day to be remembered.
This is for the valentines day with 1D competition. Please click like/Fav and give me any comments and feedback on this story, and please support me. I really want to win and it would mean a lot to me.


1. A Special Day

                "It's Funny, how in one day two people's lives get tangled together and they fall in love, but is falling in love that easy"

A cool calm breeze flew around the room, I sit on my bed staring lazily at the pale blue ceiling day-dreaming, and suddenly I heard my brother yelling in excitement. What now? I rubbed my eyes, and then walked down stairs. My mother had cooked some delicious pancake, while my brother had piles of letters on the table. He opened the letters one by one, smiling, then putting them into two piles.  I looked at my brother; he glared at me then continued opening the letters.

"Look how many Valentines Day card I got" my brother boasted happily, shoving a armful of letters in front of my face.

"Whatever, Valentines Day is for baby's" I mumbled grabbing my cereal bowl, then opening the cereal packet, watching the cereal fill my bowl. I grab the carton of milk, and began munching hungrily.

"Just because you get no Valentines Day cards you say it's for baby's, maybe if you actually looked in the mirror, make yourself look good, you might actually get Valentine day card" my brother Luke explained.

He brushed his honey blonde hair, and then blinked with his sapphire blue eyes. He think he's the hottest guy ever, that all the girls will come running for him, he makes me sick. I can't stand him, were twins, but non identical thankfully, and that I'm a girl and he's a boy. He even thinks, just because he's a few minutes older, he can boss me around.

"I don't want a stupid Valentine card anyway" I exclaimed, swallowing the last mouthful of cereal, then wiping my mouth.

"Not like you'll get one" Luke mumbled quietly but not quiet enough for me not to hear.

"Luke" my Mom warned, looking at Luke.

"I'm going out" I yelled walking out, slamming the door behind me.

Valentines Day, such a stupid day full of stupid people all thinking there in love, that it'll last forever. I start jogging, slowly then picking up the pace. My brown hair bobbing up and down behind my back. I wiped a sweat that had trickled on my face. I look around, couples everywhere kissing each other. I groan miserably and run quickly, my heart pounding rapidly.

Suddenly a couple walked beside me, a young boy about 17 and a girl about 16 holding their hand. Their eyes met each other, and they smiled. I could see from their eyes that they were in love, thinking that the other person is their world, and they'll be forever. But really, they'll probably break up by next year. Love is not forever, one day they will stop loving each other, and will be with someone else. Unlike old couples who have been with each other for decades, and truly love with each other. 

"Could you take a picture of us, it's our one year anniversary" the girl asked dreamily handing me her camera, her other hand holing her boyfriend arm. I shoved her camera back frustrated, she looks at me bewildered.

"No" I shouted angrily.

I run faster, closing my eyes from all the couples and there fancy love. Suddenly I bump into someone hard, landing hard on the floor painfully. I open my eyes, to see a cute curly haired boy; he looks at me then gives me his hand. I ignore his hand and get up by myself. I rub my throbbing elbow, grazed and bruised purple, rubbing it painfully. My eyes met the boy's, and I suddenly felt like I had seen him before. Suddenly a image flashes back to me.

A group of bullies cower over me, yanking my pigtails. I cry in pain, shaking in terror.

"Hey, pick on some one your own size" a boy shouted. I look around to see that the voice belonged to, and then saw a cute curly brown haired boy. About my height, he looks small, but his bravery and courage shows on his face.

Suddenly Mr. Arch walks past us, stern faced. The bullies run away cowardly, scared they'll get in trouble. The curly haired boy looks at me, running to me, he curiously looked me and up and down then at my face. 

"Are you ok? I'm Harry" he asks, inspecting my elbow carefully.

"Kayleigh, I'm fine just a scratch, thanks" I replied gazing at the boy, he looked so cute and caring. All the boys here seemed like jerks, tormenting me, crushing me into pieces, making me feel worthless. But not him, not Harry, he made me feel safe.

"Friends" he exclaimed cheerfully, his rosy cheeks blushing red. My eyes lusted for him, what spell has this boy put me under?

"Friends Forever" I repeated happily, linking my arm to his.

"Are you ok? I am so sorry, I didn't see you" the boy cries out inspecting my elbow worryingly. I look at him thinking he's lying, but he looks genuinely upset. Is this Harry, the same Harry who was my best friend, but had to move school because of my mum job? It was hard leaving Harry, a mistake. I realized now the biggest mistake of my life.

"Bye Harry" I cried out, tears running from my eyes. As the car begins to move. Oh Harry, how was I going to live without him? Harry runs as fast as possibly trying to keep speed up with the car.

"Kayleigh I love you, I will never forget you Kayleigh, I will see you soon, it's our destiny. We will always be together, Kayleigh" he cries out. I look back at him, drifting off in the view.

"Harry" I shouted, my hand out, breaking my tiny heart into pieces.

Was this the same Harry? He looked the same a bit, cute curly mop of brown hair, kind nature, and sweet green eyes. I smile in shock. I had waited weeks for a email, a letter, a phone call. I had given him our new address, and number. Every day I woke up, running outside to the letter box, mum would shake her head. After a year, I had lost hope. I was never going to see Harry ever again. But now, was this destiny or fate?

"I'm Fine, just a bruise and it was my fault, I was running closed eyes" I explained.

"Why? May I ask" the curly haired boy inquired.

"Getting away from all the couples smooching everywhere, god, so where's your girlfriend?" I asked checking him. I felt a tingly feeling, like I was flying in cloud nine.  He looked about 18 and looked quite fit, the curly brown hair making him look like a cute child.

"I haven't got one, I'm single" the boy murmured anxious embarrassed blushing red. I smile, I didn't know boys blush, and he looks really cute blushing.

"Really I mean a really hot guy like you, would have millions of girls falling for you" I exclaimed then realized what I said.

"None of the girls here are my type, all so girly, I'd like a girl more like you" Harry replied back. I blushed like a beetroot then gazed into his warm brown eyes. I felt a ting of excitement, he made me felt different.

"Happy Valentines Day by the way, I'm Harry Styles" the curly haired boy introduced handing me a lollipop.

"Happy Valentines Day, you too I'm Kayleigh but call me Kay-Kay, all my friends do" I mumbled embarrassed.

"Kay-Kay, a gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl" Harry flirted I breathed in scent of his perfume.

"I haven't really got anything" I whispered back taking the lollipop.

"I" Harry began to say.

"Think" I continued, gazing at him.

"I" Harry whispered, hand in hand.

"Love" I exclaimed, coming closer to him, till I was standing right in front of him.

"You" we chorused, gripping tightly into each others hands. Then realizing we were like the other couple, how funny is this world?

Harry hugged me tightly, I felt safe in his arms, like nothing could hurt me. I felt loved and wanted to stay in his arms forever. I watched the tree's dance in the wind; other couples looked at us happily then back at their partner, their eyes all dreamy, focused on each other. I shivered in the cold, for early February it was cold. Harry took off his blue jacket and put it on me. I put it on, it smelled of Harry, so intoxicating, like under a spell. Suddenly we inched closer for a kiss, I closed my eyes. Then I felt something cold on my face, I opened my eyes to see Harry running away. I wiped the snow off my face, and then began running toward Harry, he looked at me cheekily, then continued running.

"I'll get you Styles" I yelled, picking a massive snowball and throwing it at Harry. I watched it splat on his curly brown hair.

"You did not do that" he shouted picking me up and throwing me on a blanket of snow.

He lay on top of me. I heard his heart beat fast, he panted deeply.

"Say you love me" Harry exclaimed acting angrily, brushing  a strand of my brown hair.

"No" I groaned watching his eyes look at me hungrily.

"Say you love me" Harry repeated, trying to kiss me. 

"I love" I began to say, and felt Harry inching toward me.

Then pushed Harry onto the snow, watching him land on the snow.

"Snowballs" I yelled running, glancing back to see him running toward me.

"Kayleigh, come back here" he shouted.

Suddenly I looked back to see a dark blue car, speeding fast toward Harry.

"Harry" I screamed in horror loudly, turning back.


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