Could her life be any more perfect?


1. What?

“You’re... Dumping... Me?!” I screamed through the phone.  My fingers had tightened so fiercely against it; I was surprised that it hadn’t turned into a crumpled mess under my grip.

How could this even be possible? I was always the one who did the dumping, but here he was, saying the exact words that I have used so many times.

And out of all ways, by phone.

There was a long sigh. He continued, “Look Cassidy. You’re hot, I’m not going to lie. But this isn’t going to work out, for many reasons…”

“What reasons?!” I yelled, my hands shaking as I held the phone against my ear, “EXPLAIN!”

He replied calmly, although there was an irritated edge to it. “I like dating attractive girls... but they also have to have a personality."

I bit my lip in my complete surprise.


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