Meet My Teacher Harry Styles!

Harper and her best friend Ariel are freshmen. They both herd about this new teacher that started working at the school his name was Mr.Styles, Harper and Ariel hope they could be in his class this year.


1. 1.

"oh god, oh god, oh god-" 

"shut up Ariel!" i say

"oh gosh, no i'n soo nervous! What if i'm not in Mr.Styles' class? ugh! this is so hard living without him" she tells me

"oh don't brag about it, he may be hot, but maybe he might be different" we both go to our new lockers "besides, you don't ven no him yet so you can't 'live without him' "

"what do you mean different!"

"well strict, and well maybe i might not want to be in his class, one, he's to hot, and that will distract me from what he's teaching us, and two...well there is no two." i say opening my locker and hanging my swaeter,

"true, but it's going to be absolutly nessary for me to be in that class, and no worries, if i don't understand i i'm going to be sure so he could be right over my shoulder looking at my paper, and then i could even be a little flirty with him" we both start walking to the office.

"oh shut up will you, you definetly brag to much," the office lady hands us each our schedule for the rest of the school year, i search for the name Mr.Styles under the category of teachers,  

"oh em gee!!!!" i shout jumping up and down 

Ariel snatches my paper from my hand and looks at what i was so happy about,

"what?! how could this happen?! how come you get to be in his class, and not me? i mean i talk about him all the time, and you, well you! you just sound like i'm annoying always talking about him! this isn't fair! besides! you didn't even want to be in his class!" she hands me back my paper and heads to class, i stand there in the same position and watch her leave, 

"see you at lunch! i'll tell you what happens!" i yell across the hall

"you better!" she said before turning to class.

the bell rings and i look at my schedule, it was English!!!! with the name to the side Mr.Styles , 

i run to his class trying to get a front seat infront of his desk when i arrive i see other students already getting ready for this class, i scan around the room and look for an empty seat in the front, but no seats were empty in the front, i go all the way in the back and sit there until class is over, - where is he? i scaned the room again and still no hottie, i soon see him coming through the door, i grab a mirror  in my bag and check how i look,

"good" i close it and stare at him

"good morning class! My name is Mr.Styles, i will be your new English teacher, so please everyone take your seat, and we will each get up, one by one and come up here and introduce ourselfs" i stare at him, i could see those mucles out of his shirt, and those curly brown hair, oh it was to much, he was heading to his own desk and sitting on his black leather chair. "okay emm..." he looks at all students except for me, "you" that was me "stand up and introduce your self"  he points to the position where he wants me to stand.

i immediately stand up and stand infront of everyone,

"um my name is Harper Bammer, i'm 15 and i was born in New York" i turn around and stare at his perfect extra sparkly eyes, already starring at me, "okay you can take you seat Harper," his smile appeared at me, the rest of his class was like that, when the bell rang i was time for my next class i got up and headed to the door,

"not so fast everyone freeze" his accent was so atractive, i stoped and tunred around to look at him,

"i'm just letting you guys know that tomarrow i will have assigned seats for you guys, carry on" 

once i left his class i took a big sigh and turned around to the door of his class opened, he was sitting at his desk shuffling through papers, i stood there watching him do that, a then he caught me standing there, with a friendly smile on his face,

"may i help you?... Harper?" he asks stoping from what he was doing and leaning back to his chair,

"um.. no i was- i was just heading to class- i'm  looking at the window, just checking the day outside, nice day huh?" i say nervously 

"yes it is, now head to class you don't want to be late on your first day of school" his deep voice commanded,

i nodded and ran to my next class, i looked like an idiot saying that, i should've never watched him shuffle papers, i shake it off and pay attention to class.


"oh my god! Harper! over here!!!!" i instantly saw Ariel jumping up and down and waving both of her hands getting my attention, she was sitting by the window at a table near the corner, once i head there she pushes me down to sit.

"tell me what happend?!" she asks giving all her attention to me,

"well it was normal, all i had to say was my name, my age , and where i was born" 

"thats it? you didn't look at him in no flirty way? you didn't see him how he was looking at you? you didn't even smile at him? did you even talk to him?" 

"no! and no!! not really, and yeah i talked to him, p.s. your crazy! he's like... i dont know 20 or maybe even 30! and i'm only 15!" 

she turns around and looks around the whole cafeteria and tells me "age does not matter," 

"well it does to me, espeacially to my mom and dad, besides! hes to hot to be single, and  he will NEVER fall for me, is obvious, hes only intrested in women his own age... not that i like him or if i want him despreatly, so  i reapeat he will NEVER. fall. for. me." i explain,

"well thats on you i'm just asking you, i'm not trying to pressure you" 

we both got up to get our lunch. and the rest of the day went quickly like tearing a piece of notebook paper out of my notebook.


My eyes were fully opened, the alarm clock almost gave me a heart attack, i got up and turned it off, i took a quick shower and got ready for school, i herd the vibration of my phone and saw it was a message from Ariel,

'Morning! i'll see you at school so bye :). xx' 

I got my backpack and left off to school.


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