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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 3 May 2014
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Gabrielle never suspected she'd fall for the bad boy type, until she met Harry. The misunderstood flirt who is told he need's a tutor to pass Biology. That's where Gabrielle comes in, his new tutor. Harry's never been the 'romantic' type but he can't help but fall for her, but when a demon from Harry's past returns with bad intentions involving Gabrielle how far will Harry go to protect her?


1. New Tutor

A/N: So Hey guys, this is the first chapter so it's not the most interesting but that's only because I'm introducing the characters and the plot, I really hope you enjoy xx. -Annabel


Harry's  P.O.V

I walked into class, "Late Mr. Styles, again." Mr. Dillon groaned as I sat down in the back  a smirk on my face. He continued writing down the notes on the board before the bell rang. I stood up fast beginning to walk away hoping to get past him before he turned back around. "Styles," he groaned in that annoying monotone voice. I  stopped and walked over to his desk. "Yes, Mr. Dillon?" I asked innocently, "Skipping again?" he asked, " I've been noticing your grades have been slipping this semester, and I really want you to consider a tutor." he said, I chuckled, "A tutor? Nah." "And by consider I mean your getting one." he said flatly, "But-" I began but was cut off, "Sorry, Mr. Dillon that I'm late-" I turned my hand gripping the strap on my backpack. "Harry, this is Gabrielle , your new tutor" "Tutor?" I asked, she had her head down fiddling with something in her bag before looking up. The smirk on my face dropped when I saw her face. She was beautiful, she was mixed, her tan skin illuminated  her beautiful green eyes. She had beautiful pair of pink lips plump and smooth, I found myself wondering what they tasted like. She had on a pair of jean shorts, a baggy white neck and a long gold chain with a small heart at the bottom. Her hair was down and a bit falling down onto her face before she brushed the pieces behind her ear sighing. "Harry?" Mr Dillon asked, I hadn't even realized I'd been staring. It felt weird, I'd fucked almost every girl in this school, how had I passed her? "You can call me Gabi " she said shaking my hand.Her voice automatically attracted me ; American, sexy.  "Hello," I said, "Well, Gabrielle will be tutoring you until Finals. I want you to start today, you've got a test in a few days, and I want a good grade, okay?" he said, and for some reason there was no need to protest  getting to stare at her for the next few months wasn't going to be that bad. "Okay," I said, Mr. Dillon looked just as surprised as me when I didn't try to whine or groan. "Okay then." he said turning back around and writing. I turned to her nodding towards the door. She smiled and followed me out, We walked out into the hallway, "How come I've never seen you around school before, or even parties?" I asked as we walked out the front doors towards the parking lot, "I don't know,  as for school this being my junior year I've been preparing for college and as parties go, not really my type." she said pulling her phone out of her back pocket. She unlocked it before a grin crawled onto her face, "What?" I asked amused, "Perks of having a gay best friend," she said showing me a picture of two guys dressed up in cat outfits, at the bottom it read 'pussy party.' "Who's he?" I asked, "My friend Colby and his boyfriend Garrett," she said pulling the phone back, "Do they go here?" "No, Colby goes to UCLA." "College boy?" "Yep, best friends since second grade!" she said locking her phone and slipping it back in her pocket. We finally arrived at my car, I saw her eyes get wide. "Whoa, nice car." she said. I had a black range rover, not my favorite out of the many cars I had but I had to tone it down during school. I couldn't let questions arise at how I afforded these expensive cars, "Thanks," I mumbled before hopping in, she slid into the passenger side setting her bag on her lap. We pulled up to my flat a few minutes later, it was very secluded, in the middle of the forest actually. I  had it remodeled a year ago; more modern my job could easily pay for a place like this, and I thought why not?  My favorite part of the house was the fact everything but the roof and a few black brick walls were  made of glass, so at night I could watch the stars from my bed or watch the sunrise in the morning simple, peaceful things I did. Yes, I was a 'bad boy' but I was human and I loved looking at beautiful things, and I promised myself I'd never lie about things like  that no matter how 'unmanly' it sounded.  We walked in and I threw my bag down kicking off my shoes, "Make yourself at home," I said wandering into my room, I slipped off my shirt spraying on my cologne and then slipping on a fresher one. I rinsed my face and ruffled my brown curls before sighing into the mirror. I walked back out to where I'd left her to find she wasn't there. "Gabrielle?" I asked walking into the living room, she wasn't there. "Gabrielle," I said a little louder walking into the kitchen, "Gabrie-" I began, "I said call me Gabi," she said walking over to me, "Where-" "Bathroom," she said before walking away, I followed her into the living room where she glanced around, "Your parent's must make a fortune," she said looking around wonder in her eyes. "Actually, I don't live with my parents," I said, "Then how-" "Do I afford this? I have a job. I got emancipated when I was sixteen and a year later moved in here." "Why?" she asked curious, "I didn't really get along with my parents," I said quietly, "Me either, but mine don't pay to much attention to me anyways. To be honest  I could probably leave and they would never notice." "I'm sorry," "Don't be, my parents suck." she said smiling, I faintly smiled hearing the sadness in her voice, "What do you do?" she asked quickly changing the subject, "I work in the business field, I um, I well- I have a job." I said, I wasn't going to tell her what I did for a living. Selling drugs and underground fights. Wouldn't have been the best first impression. "I see," she said, "You see what?" I asked, "I see you don't want me to know what illegal thing you do for a living," she said with a smirk, "How'd you," "There's no way in hell a kid your age with your grade and no parents can afford things like this," she said chuckling. I smiled, "Well, yeah. Whatever are we going to study or what?" I asked, "Yeah. Sorry." she said walking past me, for a second I could smell her. She smelled so natural yet floral. Fleshy yet delicate, arousing yet soft. And just like that it was gone,  she came back a few seconds later our bags in her hand, she handed me mine before collapsing on the white fluffy rug under us. "Okay, Mitosis." she said grabbing out her notebook, and flipping through the pages. I did as well, not really paying attention but watching her, and the way she read. How her eyebrows would knot together and she would softly bite her bottom lip, slowly turning me on. God, she was beautiful, and I wanted her. That sort of innocence she showed, only made me want her more. I wanted her and so god help me I was going to get her. 

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