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  • Published: 30 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 3 May 2014
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Gabrielle never suspected she'd fall for the bad boy type, until she met Harry. The misunderstood flirt who is told he need's a tutor to pass Biology. That's where Gabrielle comes in, his new tutor. Harry's never been the 'romantic' type but he can't help but fall for her, but when a demon from Harry's past returns with bad intentions involving Gabrielle how far will Harry go to protect her?


2. Zayn Malik

A/N: Hey guy's its me again, I decided I'd post another chapter today just so you'd get a feel of Gabrielle's personality! I really hope you enjoyed the first chapter because I enjoyed writing it.  

Gabrielle's P.O.V 

I glanced up from my notebook to be met with another pair of green eyes, he smirked at me. "Yes?" I asked, "Nothing your just-"he stopped short "I'm just what?" I asked, "Your just, beautiful." he said smiling, "Thanks," I blushed looking back down, "Hungry?" he asked, standing up, "Actually yeah, " I said realizing we'd been sitting here for a few hours, he disappeared around the corner. I sighed falling onto my back and moaning, god he was so beautiful. From his gorgeous curls to those beautiful green eyes, oh and those dimples! I moaned again, "Uh? You okay?" I sat up my eyes wide, "Oh, yeah." I said grabbing my notebook, he walked over handing me a water and setting a bowl of grapes in between us in a glass bowl, "You sound hot when you moan," he said with a smirk, "I bet I could make you moan two times louder though," he said laughing a little, "Oh really?" I said sarcastically, he laughed more, "I like your laugh," I blurted, "Thanks, I like your face!" he said before grabbing a grape and tossing it in his mouth. I grabbed one as well taking a bite, splitting  it in half. "Come," he said motioning over to him, I moved over towards him. "Yes?" I asked, he was silent as he moved his hands onto my waist flipping me so my back was up against his stomach, "What are you-" "Sh!" he demanded before opening his legs and pulling me into them, "You smell good and I'm cold," he said with a smirk, I laughed. "What's so funny?" he asked looking down at me, "One, that was the biggest lie ever. You know damn right the reason you pushed my body up against yours wasn't because you were cold, it was because you were horny!" I laughed before grabbing my notebook, "No!" he whined pulling me back, "Fine," I huffed not having the energy to fight. Actually I had zero energy, "What time is it?" I asked, "Around ten," he said shrugging, "I sat up grabbing everything, "Shit! I have to get home." I said throwing my bag on my shoulder, "But-" he said, "Please," I said, he sighed "Okay, get in the car." We pulled up to my flat, "Thanks Harry," I said opening the door, and stepping out "No thank you, and I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked, "Tomorrow?" I asked surprised, "Yeah, I mean I really want a good grade on this test!" he said winking , "Oh really?" I asked with a smirk, "That's the only reason?" "No, and I want to see your beautiful face again." he said before driving away, giving me no time to protest. I walked in, shutting the door silently behind me and slowly tip toeing up the stairs, I walked into my room shutting the door behind me and letting out a quiet sigh before throwing my bag down and throwing myself on the bed. I couldn't get my mind off Harry, and for some reason I found my mind wandering back to the conversation we had about his job, what he did and such. I closed my eyes letting out a breath and falling asleep. I woke up groaning at the annoying alarm clock. I smashed snooze before dragging myself out of bed, I walked into my bathroom I opened the drawer next to me pulling out a hair brush I brushed through my curls before rinsing my face and and brushing my teeth. I grabbed my makeup bag dabbing on some concealer, eyeliner and mascara. I walked back into my room looking outside to see it was pretty warm outside, I slipped on a pair of white shorts and a peach colored tank top, a light washed jean jacket and a pair of black flip flops. I grabbed my bag before running down stairs, I quickly poured a small glass of orange juice, my face squishing together in distaste as I realized I'd just brushed my teeth, I then rushed out towards my car getting in and driving off, I walked in the front doors searching the halls until I spotted her, Angelique, my best friend. "Gabi!" she squealed running over and giving me a hug, "I missed you!" I said squeezing her tighter, she'd been gone for the past month in Greece on a family vacation. She squeezed me so tight and we were rocking back in forth on our toes I could feel my shorts rising in the back, before I could say anything I felt a smack on my butt, "Nice ass!" I heard a guy say, Angelique let go and we both turned around towards his voice,  he was with a group of his friends, when I realized who it was, none other then Zayn Malik, and his group of Jocks. Zayn was quarterback of the football team, enough said. He was hot, don't get me wrong, I just hated how inconsiderate and stupid he was. He had no intentions then to hit it and quit it.  He looked over at me, "What's your name doll?" he asked tucking a piece of hair behind my ear, "What's it to you?" I asked annoyed, "I just wanted to know who I'd be with Saturday night?" he said biting his lip, "I don't know, why don't you ask your hand!" I said, his smirk dropped, as his friends broke out laughing, I groaned before turning away me and Angelique  began walking away as the bell rang. I headed into first period, taking a seat next to Angelique, "I can't believe you said that to Zayn Malik!" she said quietly, "What was I supposed to say, 'Oh Zayn of course I'll fuck you' " I said grabbing out a notebook, she laughed, "I would," she said doing the same. I groaned slumping back up against my seat and listening to Mrs. Alstot go on about Greek Mythology.  The bell had finally rung for fourth period indicating lunch time. I was supposed to meet Angelique  by my locker, but everyone had already cleared out, leaving me and a empty hallway. "Hello beautiful," I turned around to see Zayn standing there, "I told you to leave me alone," I groaned opening my locker, "But what if I don't want to?" he said stepping closer,  I slammed my locker shut, "Then I don't know what to tell you," I said, "C'mon baby," "Baby? Puh lease ," I said my attitude coming out. He smirked stepping closer, I stepped back only to have my back meet with my locker. "Just leave me alone, okay?" I said, he only smirked stepping closer, "But I don't want to," he said, "I think she said to leave her alone, " Zayn turned around as did I to see Harry standing there Jaw tensed hand clenched, God he looked hot. He had his hair looking all sexy in those curls and a pair of black skinny jeans, a white v neck and a pair of white converse. I grabbed my bag and walked over to him, "Oh c'mon Styles, I was just having a little fun, no harm done?" he said before casually walking away. I sighed in relief, "If he bothers you again, just tell me okay?" he said his voice now soft and gentle, "Okay," I said  "Gabi!" I turned around to see Angelique running down the hall, "You'll *pant* never *pant* guess *pant* what!" she said squealing, "What?" I asked, "I just scored two tickets to see The Kooks, Saturday n!" "No way!" I screamed as she handed me the tickets, "But How?" I asked surprised, "I just slept with Robby Thomas," she said casually, I loved her and all but damn she was a slut. Her gaze followed up behind me to see Harry, "Your Ha-harry Styles," she said, I'd never really told her about Harry, Harry was on her number one list of people to fuck in this school. "Yeah," he said shaking her hand, she blushed mad crazy. "Harry, this is Angelique," I said, "I'm tutoring Harry in Bio," I said, she looked at me like I was crazy, "Yeah, I'll see you tonight?" he said before walking away. "Tonight? What!" she said, I sat her down at a near by bench and told her what had happened yesterday. "Jealous!" she said folding her arms, "Don't be," I said before standing up and walking out towards the lunch tables. 

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