Strange Attractor

Innocent seventeen year old Marley Anderson moves in with her Aunt Molly for the summer. Her world is quickly turned upside down when her walk in the woods turns into something much more. Marley, not only runs into the largest and strongest pack of werewolves in America, she also happens to run into the alpha, who is determined to make Marley his and only his.


1. One


A/N: Sorry for any spelling errors. It isn't edited, just a warning, but I will go back in edited at some point in the future. 



I couldn't sleep. I just had this urgent feeling of needing to move. After tossing back and forth in my bed, I decided it was time to get up. Looking over my clock, I noticed the time read 1:00 AM. I sighed, running my fingers through my long blonde mane of hair. I got dressed and crept down the hallway, careful not to wake my aunt. Once I slipped past her bedroom and down stairs, I knew I was safe.

I grabbed my black boots, slipping them on and I was on my way towards the woods. Whenever I couldn't sleep, I'd always take a walk in the nearest woods. It always calmed me down and relaxed me and by the time I got back to my bed, I knocked right out in deep slumber. Even though, I'd never been in these part of the woods before, it was no exception. I tucked my hands in the front pockets of my jacket, walking deeper into the woody abyss.

I was humming softly to myself until I heard a crack which stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked around frantically and all I saw was nothing. The moon gave enough light for me to see, but I still saw no one of no thing responsible for the noise. I continued on my walking but being very cautious for anything that could be lurking around in the woods at night.

Then I heard it again. Crack. But this time it sounded like bones cracking and popping. The hairs on the back of my neck quickly stood up as the noise became louder. I unconsciously walked closer to the noise until I came to a clearing. I spotted about ten men, all shirtless and equally attractive standing around, surrounding something. That something was the cause of the noise. My heart sped up and I quickly hid behind a tree, out of sight, but easy for me to keep watch on them.

A large enough crack was left between the bodies of the men, giving me a decent enough look as to what they were standing around. It was a boy who looked about a few years younger than me, fifteen maybe. I watched as the boy convulsed violently, jerking in weird positions, watching as his bones popped and twisted, until finally. He was no boy anymore. Instead what took his place was a large, black wolf.

I couldn't contain the scream next and that's when everything went down hill.

Their heads all at once snapped in my direction. All pairs of eyes on me, including the one's of the wolf. I didn't wait any longer. I quickly sped off running. My adrenaline kicked in and my hear beat increased rapidly. I didn't dare look back to see if they were coming after me, I could hear the footsteps in the distance quickly catching up on me. I pushed my legs harder though, determination in every stride. I will not die like this. I will not die by being eaten by a giant wolf.

My hopes of survival were cut short when I felt a pair of big arms wrap around my waist, bringing me to a stop. I automatically starting thrashing about, kicking and screaming, but my captor only grew more irritated by my attempts and shook me roughly. "Shut up!" He spat. The venom that dripped from his words made me stop moving. The only thing I could hear was my erratic breathing and the shuffling of feet as the other men caught up with us. The captor's arms loosened around my waist and I took that as encouragement. I pushed myself out of his arms, ready to bolt. I was turned down when the other men formed a circle of muscle, blocking my path. I was trapped and I was going to die.

I couldn't stop the water works. They fell freely down my face as I sunk down to my knees, sobbing. "P-please don't eat m-me." I hiccuped. I looked up at the men surrounding me, my vision blurry from the crying. All of a sudden I hear them all start to laugh. Loud deep laughs, but they weren't cruel laughs, they were the kind of laughs someone has if somebody else told them a really good joke. I was confused.

One of the men kneeled down in front of me, still laughing a little, grinning. He was a very handsome man with attractive features. "We're not going to eat you." His voice was deep and husky. He sounded to be about twenty one maybe twenty two. I looked at him with confusion on my face. 

But didn't that boy turn into a giant werewolf? Don't they eat people?!

As if he read my thoughts, the attractive stranger continued to talk. "We certainly do not eat people, kid. We're not that much of beasts."

I glared at the word kid, I hated to be called kid. I knew I looked a lot younger than I was, but damn. It wasn't necessary. "I am not a kid for you information!" I pointed to the boy who had morphed into a wolf, seeing him back in human form, "And he, if you didn't notice, turned into a giant beast! So sorry, I just assumed you assholes would eat me!" I breathed heavily, puffing my cheeks out as I yelled. All the men were silent. The stranger in front of me looked at me with a chuckle, shaking his head, standing back up. I couldn't believe I just yelled at these dangerous, muscle head men. My cheeks flushed a bright red as I noticed all of them staring down at me. I looked behind me and noticed the one who grabbed me, looking down at me with a harsh glare. He then looked back up at the attractive stranger. It looked like the two were having some sort of conversation with the way their lips pursed as they stared at each other, but none of them were saying anything. 

I took that time to try and slip away again. All the men were distracted, I backed up slowly and stood up but before I could even turn around, I felt a big hand grip the back of my shirt, yanking me back on the ground hard. Looking up, I met a vicious glare. "You are coming with us." 

There was no room up for argument as I was roughly picked up and thrown over the shoulder of one of the men. I didn't try to protest. There'd be no point. They were too big and too strong for me to ever take on. I laid limp as they walked wherever they were going. 

I'm such an idiot. Going out in the middle of the night in the woods. I should've stayed home. 

I was scared and I was tired. Who knew what they were going to do with me? I was completely at their mercy. I started to sob quietly, wiping any tears from my cheeks. This was it. This was my death.

About ten minutes later or so, I was set down on the ground to walk on my own two feet. I looked around at my surroundings. I gasped softly, taking in the view in front of me. We were in front of a house. Correction, a mansion. It was huge and looked like it could house about four families. Most of the men already inside, I was left alone with only two. The one I talked to and the one that grabbed me. "You stay put." I was told forcefully, no amusement in anyone's eyes. They both then walked into the house, leaving me alone. I wasn't going to move anywhere. I wasn't risking anything. Even if I did make it out, everyone would think I'm crazy. A person turning into a werewolf, I mean, c'mon, no one's believing that. 

Five minutes later, they both emerged, but with one extra person. I looked up and gasped. The man before me was absolutely gorgeous. The definition of tall, dark and handsome. He had a strong jaw line and bright green eyes. His thick brown curly hair complimented his features and he looked to be about six foot 4, towering over my five foot height. 

As soon as we made eye contact, I had this overwhelming feeling over warmth and safety course through my body. The man stepped closer to me till we were pressed tight together. My heart automatically raced and my body stiffened from the contact. He bent down his head, nuzzling it in my neck and inhaled deeply and he whimpered in pleasure.  My face flushed a bright red. He just sniffed me. 

He wrapped his big arms around me and squeezed me to his chest. What the hell is going on? I stayed still, making no movement, while he nuzzled my neck and sniffed over and over. I quickly became uncomfortable being in the embrace of this stranger. "C-can you p-please get off me?" Curse my stuttering. 

A low grow rumbled from his chest, but he backed away and I took that chance to step back farther away from him. A flash of hurt swept in his eyes but that quickly change into fascination. He stared at me for what looked like a good five minutes until he uttered the word, "Mine."

Mine? What the hell does he mean by mine? 

I looked behind him to the other guys and they both looked back at me. They clearly knew what he was talking about by the look on their faces. "E-excuse me?"

The man looked behind him, looking at the other two giving them a look. They quickly walked back into the house, leaving me alone with this beautiful stranger. He looked back at me with all seriousness. "You are mine. Only mine. No other male may ever touch you."

Was he serious right now? What is he even going on about?

"I think you are a little confused. I don't even know you, I am not yours."

A loud animal like grow came low in his chest. He stepped closer wrapping his arms back around me tight. He bent his head down and kissed the base of my throat and I was furiously embarrassed by the whimper that I let out. "You are mine now, bunny. And you aren't going anywhere."



A/N: The first chapter is a little short, but future chapters are for sure to be longer. Comments are much appreciated. Tell me how it is, good or bad and what I could do to improve. Thanks. (:

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