The Fallen Girl

Crystal was a normal girl, well that is if you call being a werewolf normal. Everyone in her pack hated her even though she had done nothing wrong. She was the only who hadn't been able to change into a werewolf because she hadn't found her mate. If she dosen't find her mate soon she might not survive the changes. But what if she's had enough of it all and runs away? And what if she changes without her mate? Will she ever find her mate and will her pack come looking for her because shes special?


1. My Sucky Life

Hi my names Crystal and I'm a werewolf except I haven't changed into one yet because I haven't found my mate. You can't change unless you have your mate or you will die. I'm hated throughout my pack for a crime I did not commit this is how my life was before the incident.


It was a warm sunny day and I was jolly and happy like always just me and my father I loved him more than anyone else in the world. He was telling me that when he retires I will become the Alpha and guide the pack. He had been training and teaching me the ways of the pack and the vital information for ruling them. I was so happy my life was perfect until one night I asked my dad if we could go look at the stars. He said it was dangerous at night, but I didn't care I had my dad with me. I gave him my best puppy-dog face and he gave in and said he'd take me. I was so exited I know I might act like child a lot, but I'm very mature sometimes. We grabbed our coats and headed out the door. It was dark but not to dark because the full moon was shining bright as well as the stars. We went to the hill side which over looked a garden of flowers. I loved looking at them especially the ones that open up at night time they're beautiful. We sat down and just gazed at the stars as they glistened brightly. Everything was fine until a man wearing only black appeared. His face was not covered and I gazed into his deep blue eyes and tried to see his face but it was too dark. I thought he was just a lost boy until he pulled out a dagger and grabbed my dad. He placed the dagger on his neck and quickly dragged it along his skin cutting him open and stopping his breathing. I was angry now at that boy I don't know what happened. I suddenly grew teeth and was over-whelmed with strength and power but I didn't morph into a wolf. That kind of made me sad that I only morphed half-way which sucks. But, enough with that I had  to catch and kill this mystery boy. He bolted to the woods me hot on his tail. Then this surprised me he morphed into a wolf. That means hes in our pack good I'll have a better chance of finding him. When I finally lost him I had tears in my eyes and my legs were sore from running. I morphed back to my human form. And started to walk back to the place my dad was I had to say goodbye. When I got there he was gone nowhere to be found. I started freaking out and ran home as fast as I could considering my sore legs. I walked inside the house to find my mother teary eyed but when she saw me her eyes turned from sad to angry. She walked up to me and slapped me as hard as she could. Then she said "I can't believe you would kill your own father THAT'S IT from now on you are not my daughter I am disowning you and you will never become Alpha" she said the venom dripping from every word she said. I pleaded and told a strange boy did it and that I would never ever hurt father because I love him. My eyes were tearing up and she still ignored me. The rumor of me killing my father spread like a wild-fire and no one would speak to me. I was scared and I was sad  that no one would notice me ignore me and worst of all bully me. They would call me names, punch and kicked me in the stomach. I hated life and it was all because of that stupid boy and the fact that I don't have a mate. This is my life now and It totally sucks.


I have to wake up very early to make breakfast for my stupid pack. I even try my best to make it delicious but even then they turn it away in disgust. I don't know why I even bother being nice to them when they aren't nice to me. The funny thing is that my bullies used to be my best friends but once they heard the rumor they started being mean to me. Well it was a terrible day but at least I can go home and lock myself in my room. When I walked in the strong sent of alcohol filled my nostrils oh no shes drinking again this is bad. I tried to quickly run upstairs but someone grabbed my arm pulling me down the stairs. It was my mom and she did not look happy. "Where do you think your going you stupid girl" my mom slurred her words out. "Its fine mom I'm just going upstairs" I said my words came out weak and scared like. She smiled at the way I cowered back from her. "Oh dear your not going anywhere except heaven tell your father I said hi" She said as she pulled out a knife and walked towards me. She lunged but I dodge and ran upstairs I ran into my room and locked the door. I grabbed a bag and put in it a change of clothes, my toothbrush, All $468 of the money I saved up, my diary, and last but not least the necklace my father gave me for my 16th birthday. I opened the window and made a jump for it. I tumbled and only got a few bruises from the fall then I made a mad dash for the woods. I went to the only place I feel safe the hill where my father died. I sat down looking at the flowers and suddenly I burst into tears. I have no one. Where will I go no one likes me and I have no relatives. Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and I jumped up to to see an absolutely handsome guy with black hair and deep blue eyes. Its him it has to be those eyes are what gave him away. "Love are you okay are you lost or something" he said with a caring voice. I guess I should tell him maybe I could stay with him. I took a deep breath and said "no I'm not lost I ran away because my mother is the devil and I'm not going back" He showed a pained face the it turned to worry. "Well I guess you could stay with but the thing is I live with four other boys" oh wow four other boys well I need friends so I guess its okay. "Ya that's fine I need to make friends anyways so its fine" he looked relieved that I said that. "Alright lets go its not far from here" he said as he started walking. "Wait I never caught your name" He turned to me and said "Colton and yours" he said Gesturing to me "Oh my names crystal" I said as I continued to walk towards the house. The house was huge like a mansion Colton laughed at my expression. So of course I stuck my tongue out at him. When he opened the door the inside of the house was beautiful. We walked to the living room to see four gorgeous guys sitting on the sofa watching t.v.  They turned around and their jaws dropped at the sight of me. Ugh I must look terrible why do they keep staring. "Hey guys this Crystal she'll be staying here for a while" Colton said with a grin on his face. "Hi everybody what are your names." A cute boy with blond hair and dark blue eyes just like the killer."Hi I'm Damian Its nice to meet you" I smiled and the next boy    came he had Dark brown hair and WHAT? DEEP BLUE EYES so that makes three suspects. "Hi my names Jake" He said very politely. The next boy came up here and he had light brown hair  AND BLUE EYES I swear I almost passed out right then and there. "Hello love my names Jason its a pleasure to meet you." When the next boy came up to introduce himself to me I tried not to look him in the eye but that would be rube to I did and GUESS WHAT I SAW. I SAW BLUE FREAKING EYES and then  I really did pass out or so they thought. They picked me up set me down on the couch. I was listening to their conversation. It went something  like this.


Colton-  So guys what do you think is she a hottie or what

Damian- Yeah she is a hot one how did you find her?

Colton- She was sitting on the hillside crying and when I asked her whats wrong she said she ran away from her devil mom

Jake- Wow she must have a hard life we should guard protect and keep her safe guys what do you think

Jason- I'm in she seems and she has that cute innocent child look that makes you want to keep her safe

Colton- Okay we are making and oath all right " we shall keep Crystal safe from everyone and everything


I tossed and turned to see the four boys looking a me. "What are you staring at?" I asked "nothing its just that you are beautiful" Damian said I blushed." Well since I'm here can I take a shower " " sure go down the hallway and turn right you'll see a blue door you can't miss it"  This is going to be tricky all of the guys have blue eyes. I will  find out who killed my father. Gosh I just need to wash all this dirt away and think about how I'll find out who's the killer. Well this'll be fun.

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