pokemon platinum: Sinnoh adventure

An adventure about to start in Sinnoh.
yay :3
comment if you want to be part :P


1. The first day


I woke up after a very short sleep. It was hard to rest and stay calm when I'm this excited, as today I may be able to meet the Pokemon Professor who has his lab nearby. I was thinking about what may happen, and maybe I could get my own rare pokemon! I jumped out of bed this instant and turned on the TV. It was still early, but I just couldn't stay in bed any longer. I couldn't find the remote anywhere so I just turned on the TV by the button and lay on the floor. The screen flickered and finally showed a programme about the three guardians of the lakes.   I watched until the documentary was over, and that's when I heard loud thumping up the stairs. I suddenly spun around to see who it was, but it was Barry. I could tell even though I couldn't see him. He's the only one who barges into my house and makes a racket, so I tried to sound bored and annoyed. "Please could you ring the doorbell instead of running in, you scared me!" He was being big headed as always and replied "It wouldn't make a difference if I run in. Besides, you weren't doing anything!" I just ignored him and didn't want to show my excitement. "I'm getting ready, so you can walk up to Route 201" As obvious, he didn't walk, he ran. I packed my bag and walked out of the door. My journey was about to begin
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