Nobody's Hero

This is my fan fiction about a girl who falls in love with Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides, my obsession.


1. Late again

As the excess dye swirled down the plughole, I turned to the mirror and admired my newly-coloured hair. Licquorice black. I grinned at my reflection, I'd always known I'd suit black. It went really well with my shiny moon-like grey eyes. Towelling my hair dry, I padded into my room and glanced at the alarm clock.


I'm going to be late for work again! Ugh, what a pain. As quickly as I could, I dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, socks, a Black Veil Brides tee and my black converses. Teased my hair and kept my long scene fringe in a skull-patterned bow, I put on my Pulp employee badge, grabbed my Misfits messenger bag and hurried out of the door, locking it in a hurry. Frigid icy wind blew furiously at me, but I had had no time to grab a jacket, so I'd have to do with out.

In the distance, I could see my bus ever so slightly slowing down at my stop and switched into manic-running mode. The wind whipped my strawberry-smelling hair around my face and my shirt fluttered around my waist as I hurled myself forward, just as the last couple of people were stepping onto the bus.

"Late again?" My daily bus driver Graeme winked at me humorously. "Ugh, don't even go there," I replied, grinning as I flicked my bus pass at him. Ignoring the hateful stares from some 14-year old swagfags, I scrambled up the steps to the back of the bus where I sat down in the corner seat, routing around in my bag for my kohl and my iPod. After outlining my eyes carefully, I slapped the compact mirror shut and burried the make up in my bag, flicking through my iPod playlist. After selecting '10 Miles Wide' by 'Escape the Fate', I breathed a sigh of relief and sat back in my seat, waiting to arrive at my stop.


"Pandora! It's the signing today! I can't afford to have staff coming in late!" Lolly grumbled at me in the Staff Room.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I exclaimed, hanging up my bag and running my fingers through my silky hair.

"You should be SO grateful that I don't fire your sorry ass. Black Veil Brides will be arriving any minute and we already have screaming fans waiting out side, even though the signing is in 2 hours!"

"I know, Lolly! I'm not fucking stupid! I won't do it again, okay?" Lolly gave me The Look, suddenly distracted by the shrill ringing of the telephone.
"Hello this is Lolly from Pulp Store, Manchester. How can I help?"
After a couple of seconds her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she hung up.

"They're here! Quick! Get some water ready, you need to make them comfortable!" Lolly scuttled out of the room and left me alone in the Staff Room. I grabbed 5 plastic cups and just as the 2nd cup was filling up with water, the door was flung open and Lolly scampered in.

"This is our staff room, I hope you don't mind resting here for an hour or so? It's just that--"
"Sh," Andy Biersack raises his hand to silence her. "It's cool, we promise."

I casually leaned on the desk, trying hard not to look too much in awe of the heroes stood in the centre of the room. Andy, Ashley, CC, Jinxx and Jake. Not much success in looking casual, my jaw was practically touching the floor.
"Hey, I'm kinda thirsty. Got any water?" CC strolled into the small kitchen area where I was standing. I'm meant to be making them comfortable, not the opposite, so I jumped into action.

"Yeah, sure. I was just pouring you guys some glasses of water..." My voice trailed off as I became aware of the fact that Ashley had now sidled up to me.

"Hey there," He purred, a cheeky twinkle in his eye.

Laughing slightly at typical Ashley attempting to work his charm, I replied, "Hey, Ashley!" I shivered as I caught Andy's sparkling glance.
"You look cold, maybe I can sort that out for you?" Ashley grinned.

"Thanks, but no thanks, I think I'll pass," I winked at him, giggling.

"Leave the poor girl alone, moron." Andy laughed and pushed Ashley lightly on the shoulder.

"Thanks for the escape route, Andy." He laughed at this. Wow he looked good when he laughed.


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