How My Best Friend Became My Best Friend

A true story about how I became best friends with a strangely epic creature.


1. Dear best friend

Dear best friend,


Do you remember how our friendship all started? I sure do, and I want to share it to the world! 



It was a Monday morning on April 2. The sun was high, the sky was blue, and birds were singing outside my window. Today was going to be a perfect spring day.


At school, I wasn't what you'd call very 'popular.' I was from Great Britain, so lots of people made fun of my accent. Also, my customs were rather different from everyone else's. Therefore, I guess you could call me a typical misfit. 


Anyways, lets continue...


It was first period and we were in math class. Math wasn't and still isn't really my forté so I spent most of the time staring out the window and daydreaming. All of a sudden, the classroom door clicked open. 


My attention turned to the principal strutting professionally into the room, with a strange girl following behind him. She was petite and cute. With her height of what seemed like only 5ft, and her unblemished face, she looked like a doll. 


'New girl?' I thought to myself, 'Thank goodness.. Maybe people will target her instead of me now.'


The principal faced us and announced, "This is Crystal White. She transferred from California, and is very new to New York." He paused and glanced at Crystal, "Everyone treat her kindly, and help her out." After that, principal Kent exit the room and shut the door quietly. 


Everyone's eyes were on Crystal. She stood at the front of the room, scanning everyone around her. She didn't seem shy, but she didn't look fully confident either. As some of the boys began whispering about her appearance and making perverse noises at each other, the teacher assigned Crystal to the empty seat next to mine. 


I forgot that there was a free desk next to mine, so I assumed she'd have to sit next to Bryan; the class pervert. Lucky Crystal's butt is saved.  


At first, we didn't talk. The first time we spoke to each other was 4 days later.. So, let's fast forward a little shall we?


It was Friday, fifth period. We were in science - my favorite class! - when Amber, the girl sitting behind me suddenly tapped my shoulder. I twisted my body to face her as she held a small piece of paper in front of my face. I, being completely confused and a little scared, took the note.


Nervously, I unraveled the folded post-it note and read it. "Keith just texted me. He said to ask you to meet him in the school garden near the roses next period. Omg! -Sammyxoxo"


I turned around to look at Sam. She was four seats behind me. I attempted to give her a 'omg, are you serious!?' face, but she seemed to be completely engrossed in mr. Mandon's lesson. Oh well. 


That's not important right now, because.... Ahhhhh! I mentally screamed, and squealed to myself. Keith was this guy in another class that I had a gigantic crush on. Last year, my first year in America, we were in the same class. For me, it was like living through hell last year. People kept making fun of me due to my accent and because I kept asking for a 'rubber' when it's supposed to be called and 'eraser.'




When we were in English class once last year, the guys sitting behind me were being dicks. They kept throwing paper balls at me and whispering annoying things. Keith sat on the other side of the room, but on the same row as me. The boys behind me were so annoying that I guess you could hear their snickering from Keith's side of the room. So, he did the most heroic thing someone had ever done for me! 


Keith stood up and announced, "Mrs. Danfly, I don't know if you're noticing this or not... But Jack, Bryan and Henry are being annoying idiots. They're bothering Jenny and it's so loud that I can hear it." 


Mrs. Danfly darted her eyes at the three boys behind me, "Yes, I have been hearing ridiculous things coming from that area in the room lately. Jenny, go sit in the seat behind Keith please. As for you three, I'd like you to stay behind after class."


I gathered up all my stuff and made my way to the desk behind Keith. No matter how much I tried to stop it, I couldn't help but blush. Keith.. My hero.


After that, I did a little research on Keith. Not that I'm a stalker. But, who wouldn't want to know more about their crush? I found out that he was on the basketball team. He was actually one of the best players. I also realized he was kind of popular. But behind all that popularity was still a modest Keith. That's when I completely fell in love with him. 


*end flashback* 


But... Sadly, I couldn't express my love for him because of my stupid shyness. Plus, we actually became pretty 'alright' friends. I didn't necessarily want to ruin that for my selfish feelings. 


So, fourth period came to an end and I bolted out of the room as soon as the bell rung. I fast-walked to the school garden, trying to suppress my excitement. When I was by the garden gate, I spotted Keith sitting on a bench, waiting for me I guess. I bit my lip nervously as I approached the God of Hotness.


[A/N: What? He was my crush. Like you guys didn't call your crushes cute names or at least think they're attractive :P]


When Keith noticed me, he stood up and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Hi, Jen." He smiled. 


"Hey.." I waved awkwardly, "You called for me?" 


I began to worry when his eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Um..  I thought.. You called for.. me?" 


"What?" I said, flabbergasted. 


"I got a text from Valerie. She said you wanted to tell me something." He explained his story. 


My turn, "Sam told me that she got a text from you saying you wanted to meet up here."


"Oh.." Keith scratched the back of his head, "I guess we were both pranked." I nodded in agreement. 


But there was something inside me that was begging to come out. The little voice in my heart was screaming, 'This is your chance! Tell him already! It's now or never, Jenny!' So, I took every piece of courage I had inside of me and blurted out, "Umm.. Well, since we're already here.." 


Keith's eyebrows raised in surprise. After a really long pause I continued, "Truth is.. Um, Keith..." Goddammit Jenny, spit it out already! "I have a really big crush on you, and... I want to know if you feel the same way." Right after that I turned away and covered my mouth. 


'What the hell did you just do!? Ugh, stupid Jenny!' My brain scolded me. 


Keith interrupted my panicking frenzy, "Jenny.. I never knew you felt that way about me.." I faced him, and he looked kind of guilty, "But.. Um.. I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me.. I don't feel the same way about you." 


I was about to burst into tears. Embarrassment was caving in. Just before I had the chance to cry, someone started laughing maniacally. It was coming from the entrance of the garden. Leaning on the fence and clapping like a seal while laughing was Crystal White. 


She trotted over to us and held her stomach, "Oh God.. That was freaking hilarious!" She tried to gasp for air. 


"You thought it was kind of funny too?" Keith chuckled along with her. 


"Yeah," Crystal was completely ignoring the newly heartbroken girl in front of her, "I never knew that idiots like that still exist!"




"Right?" Keith seemed to have blocked me out too. 


"Oh, not her." Crystal suddenly became all serious, "I was talking about you." 


"What?" Both Keith and I were so shocked that our jaws dropped at the same time.


"Why are you so surprised?" Crystal put her hands on her hips, "Only idiots like you reply with 'it's not you, it's me..'" She mocked him. 


"Dude, you're living in the 21st Century. Couldn't you reject someone in a more modern way?" A smirk crept onto her perfect, pale face, "You're so cheesy." 


"What the hell?" Keith retorted. 


All of a sudden, Crystal was facing me, "And you. What do you even like about this 2-outta-5-star guy?" 


I had to think hard. But, for some reason I had forgotten everything I found attractive about Keith, "I-I don't know.." I shrugged. 


"Pft, this is gold!" Crystal snorted before exploding into laughter again. When she caught a little bit of her breath back, she turned me away and said mockingly, "C'mon Jenny.. Let's leave this idiot and get some lunch." I remained shocked as Crystal drew me far away from Keith. 


When we came to a halt, we sat down on the grass underneath a tree. I didn't know what to say. So I just said, "Thank you." 


"Hm? What for?" Crystal pulled out a chocolate bar from her pocket. 


"For what you did." I shuffled around to be in front of her, "You saved me from completely embarrassing myself out there." 


"Don't you start acting all cheesy or I'll abandon you too." She snickered, "Just kidding... Anything to help out a fellow gal-friend."


I chuckled with her as she snapped her chocolate bar in half and gave me some. "You're really weird." I abruptly admitted, sticking the sweet treat into my mouth.


"I get that a lot." She licked the melted chocolate off her fingers, "But in life, you gotta learn to laugh the unimportant things off." Again, we laughed. For the rest of the period, we talked and talked and talked.


She told me that it was all Valerie's plan. She said that Valerie and her friend had been planning it in the bathroom since the day she arrived in the school. Apparently, Valerie wrote the note and just signed it as Sammy. Then, she texted Keith in them middle of class saying that I had an emergency to talk to him about. What a bitch.


When Crystal finished talking, we both just laughed. Crystal was small and cute-looking, but she sure loved to stuff herself! I mean, her pockets were full of snacks! We ate together as we talked some more.


Before I even realized it, we had become best friends. 



So yeah. I know our friendaversary isn't until Friday.. But I got too excited! Thank you for everything so far, Crys! I never wanna lose you, my strangely amazing best friend! You taught me how to be more carefree, how to just ignore the haters, and do what makes you happy. You even taught me how to choose guys wisely. That, my friend, is an amazing skill you have. Don't you dare leave me, or I'll buy an elephant and make it throw a brick right into your face. 


Love, Jenny.


PS- I'm expecting a present on Friday. >:3 

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