The Girl from Slytherin

The Girl from Slytherin was sly, manipulative, ambitious, determined and cunning, everything a Slytherin should be. So why did she, the girl who got put into the 'evil' house have such an affect on the rest of the school? Wasn't everybody else meant to hate the Slytherin's? Was it because she was a trouble-maker, yes. But there was something else about her. Something that nobody could quite understand.Something that inticed people to want to find out what was really hidden behind those dark Green eyes.


1. Arriving

Every other 'normal' - ( if that's what you could call a person with magical powers ) - first year attending Hogwarts, had settled in quite nicely over the past 2 months, as it was now November 1st. Everything had been going quite smoothly up until today. The day in which a walking whirlwind strode confidently through the large, Oak doors and into the Great Hall where everybody had fell silent to the sound of her strutting her way to the front near the Teacher's 'platform'. Everybody had turned in there seats to see what all the comotion was about. Little did they know that when they turned they would see such a sight or that this dazzling sight was going to have such a huge affect on their times at Hogwarts. If you were to be sat at either of the tables and had turned to see, your innocent eyes would fall upon a Girl. Now you may be thinking that this is a bit of an anti-climax but this Arrival, of this particular Girl was just the beginning.

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