Diary of a Geek


Emily knows a lot - like the fact that there are more than 10,000 bricks in the Empire State building, that dolphins sleep with one eye open, and that humans blink over 10,000,000 times a year. But she doesn't know one thing - how to be popular and fit in - well, until she has the chance to be transformed into one of the populars. But does being popular really make you happy? And will all the popularity go to Emily's head?

Inspired by Holly Smale's 'Geek Girl'.


2. 5th September

Today is the first day back at school. I quite like school, it's just the people I don't like. It's not like they're mean to my face, but it's just the whispers as I walk by, the odd glances I get from people when I turn up at school in perfect uniform, with my skirt exactly 4 centimeters below my knee. I suppose I should be used to it by now, but it still hurts when I hear someone whisper something about me.

I fall out of bed, have a quick shower, pull on my uniform, tie my hair up in two bunches, brush my teeth and head downstairs. I'm the first one up. I make myself a bowl of porridge, a piece of toast and a glass of orange juice - breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all. I read that in my Big Book of Facts. It was only 7.30, so I flicked on the TV and watched some programme called Geek to Chic about transforming geeks to goddesses. The credits came up at the end of the programme and I realised that I was going to be late - I'd missed my bus. I pulled my satchel over my shoulder, slipped on my shoes and ran out of the door. I was going to be so late. I read over the bus timetable (although I'd memorised it - my brain was not functioning properly this morning). The next bus wasn't until 9. I'd have to run for it. Breaking into a sprint, I tried to run my way to school, but within 5 minutes I was red in the face, struggling for breath and to top it off, my books were scattered all over the pavement as a result of me not buckling my bag up properly. I decided I'd just have to take the bus in. 15 minutes later, and I was sat on the bus, where there was yet another delay when the driver decided he needed to have a cigarette.

'Oh, come on!' I said - perhaps a little too loud.

'Excuse me, this is a very hard job, lass!' the grumpy bus driver shouted back at me.

Today was just getting better and better. It was now 9.15. I could call in sick. Either that, or get a detention for being late. Never in my life had I had a detention, and I'd not had a sick day since Year 7. I took out my phone from my bag - surprisingly up to date for me (an iPhone, not the latest model, though) - and typed in the schools number. My hand shook as I pressed the 'call' button; don't laugh! This was a big step for me. The phone rang 3 times before someone answered.

'Hello, you've reached Reception.'

'Urm, hi,' I coughed and decided to imitate my mother's voice. 'It's Emily Whitten's mother.'

'Oh, hello Mrs Whitten. How can I help?'

'It's Emily...urm, she's not feeling too well today.'

'Oh, that's unusual for Emily,' the woman sounded surprised. 'Okay, I'll mark her down as absent. Thanks for calling.'

Wow. That was easy - almost too easy. The bus driver was now getting back on the bus.

'Urm, hi,' I tried to give my best smile, but realised I must look like a maniac. 'Do this bus go to town?'

'Yes, it does,' the bus driver stared at me. He had a massive mole under his right eye, and his nose was slightly crooked. 'Well? Get into your seat, we're about to leave.'

I sat down on my seat. I was still shaking from the phone call - what was I doing?! On the one hand, I felt nervous and guilty, but on the other hand, I felt excitement bubbling up in my stomach. I suppose I was just going to have to go into town for the day. 

When I eventually got into town, I just wondered round the shops for most of the day - the only thing I bought was some duct tape (don't ask), a new dictionary (mine was getting a little dog-eared and I'd underlined most 'interesting' words in there) and a cake from Greggs. I'm writing this on the bus now, and I've already got cream from my cake all over the page. Fab. I'm off now, to face my parents and irritating sister. Let's hope they don't realise I've skipped school today.


Emily xo

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