I'm a pokemon? (pokemon mystery dungeon fanfic)

It's all about when everything goes unexpected on a land far away, only with pokemon.


1. waking up to something new

Luciana's POV

I couldn't move..

I couldn't even open my eyes...

It felt like a giant rock was crushing me, because I didn't feel the same and everything hurt.

Everything felt wet, and I felt weak and tired. More weak and tired than usual.

I felt like I was dead,

With nothing moving around me and no memory of the past.

I just felt empty...


After 2 hours, I opened my eyes. My vision was blurry, and I was at a beach, at least I thought. It looked different than any other beach I had seen in my life. It seemed..more bright..and beautiful...I wanted to look around, but I still couldn't move around...

My vision went all black and I passed out again.


Mint's POV

I looked at the guild, and the large gates...

I paced around the small area, and looked at the footprint watch area.

"Come on, i have to be brave. I'm an eevee, I can do this..." I said to myself.

But I just couldn't... i felt like I wasn't brave enough at all...

I let out a deep sign and just walked away, giving the guild one last look.

As I walked, I couldn't help but think how useless i am and that I can't achieve anything this way.

The beach was my favourite place, so I decided to cheer myself up by visiting there..

"this beautiful sight never lets me down, even when I'm upset and down" I said to myself as i watched the bubbles floating through the sky...

I lay in the sand and looked up, and suddenly I jumped.

There was a pokemon laying unconscious by the water!

and it was a vulpix too. It's very rare to find one here.

"Hey, please wake up, are you alright!?" I didn't know what to say or think.

I shook her as gently as I can, and she opened her eyes.


Luciana's POV

I heard someone above me, trying to speak to me.

I could hear talking an a voice, but it was unclear to me. I tried to stand up, and surprisingly succeeded.

I opened my eyes, and I couldn't believe what I saw...

It was a talking pokemon, and an eevee as well!

"What, how can you talk?!" I asked.

before she could answer, I laughed to myself quietly.

"Oh, I'm dreaming, because this can't really happen, plus everything feels different!"

The eevee looked at me strangely.

"I'm glad you're alright, but you're talking too!!"

"But you're a Pokemon, you can't talk!" I shouted.

"But...you're a pokemon too!" She told me.

I looked down, and everything suddenly felt weird around me. i didn't want to look at myself anymore.. I was actually a pokemon! I was a vulpix!

"But....I'm a human..I don't understand...what's happening to me?!"




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