Spread Your Wings

Jade is an outcast. She's never really fitted in and she's constantly teased about everything - from her taste in music, to her fashion sense. One day after a terrible day at school, full of abuse and torment, Jade has had enough. Will she find a lifeline in time, or is it too late for her?

This is for the Inspired by a Song competition. The song it's based on is Wings by Little Mix, hence the title.


1. Hopeless

You know those days when you just feel hopeless? Like you can't go on anymore, when you think there's no chance of life getting better, only worse? Well, that's what I feel like every day - every hour, every minute, every second of every single day. Don't think that I'm looking for sympathy, because I'm not. I just want one person out there, just one person, to listen to me. To hear me out. To help me.

Ever since I was in primary school, I've been a bit of an outcast. I've never quite been what people would describe as normal. My hair has always been different, for starters. When I was in Year One, my hair was cropped short, so most people would mistake me for a boy. Since then, I've had everything from a shaven head, to hair down to my waist, in all the colours you could possibly think of. My hair at the moment reaches my shoulders and I have a side fringe - sounds pretty normal, right? Wrong. Did I mention it's green? Oops. I have too many piercings to count, much to my teachers disapproval. 

My favourite genre of music is classical, something most people wouldn't expect from me; if you're the type of person to judge by the way someone looks, you'd guess I'd be into Rock music or perhaps Punk. Instead, I'm the kind of girl who listens to Mozart and Beethoven. I suppose you could call me a bit of a geek too. My favourite class is Maths, but I love reading too, so English is a close second favourite.

I guess I am a little odd, but what's so wrong with being different? I don't mind the way I look - infact, I quite like it. It's other people's opinions of my style, music sense, personality, well, pretty much everything about me, that gets me down. The constant whispers as I walk through the corridors, the rude poems about me scribbled on the toilet doors, the pushes I get whenever I walk by anyone who is considered 'popular' and the hateful words spat at me whenever I make the slightest mistake, like the mouthful I got when I accidentally stood on Amy Bell's brand new Paul's Boutique bag, or the time when I got partnered up with Tilly Bradshaw in P.E and ruined our whole dance routine.

I don't hate my life, don't get me wrong - I get high grades, I have roof over my head, a family and food on my plate every day. But the thing that gets to me is the fact that no one likes me, and it makes me feel useless, clumsy, sad and hopeless. Will I ever be accepted for who I am in a world where you're judged as a person on your looks and how popular you are?

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